34-16-1    Act endangering public health as misdemeanor.

34-16-2    Release of disease germs as felony.

34-16-3    34-16-3, 34-16-4. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 168, §§ 26, 27.

34-16-5    Access of health officers to places where source of disease suspected.

34-16-6    34-16-6 to 34-16-13. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 168, §§ 28 to 35.

34-16-14    County responsibility for dead animals in unorganized territory.

34-16-15    County disposal of dead animal on failure of township to act--Liability for expense.

34-16-16    Action by county to recover expense of disposal of dead animal.

34-16-17    Failure to dispose of dead animal as petty offense.

34-16-18    Remedies against nuisances and interference with private rights unimpaired.

34-16-19    Notice to owner of nuisance.

34-16-20    Failure to comply with notice--Removal of nuisance--Cost.

34-16-21    Hearing--Time--Issuance of order--Appeal.

34-16-22    County board of health--Composition.

34-16-23    Meetings of county board.

34-16-24    Supervision of public health matters by superintendent--Action without board in event of immediate danger.

34-16-25    Removal of putrid substances by county board.