34-18-38. Exemption from licensure––Requirements.

A person selling food prepared at the person's primary residence, in accordance with § 34-18-35, is exempt from the licensing and license fee provisions of this chapter if:

(1)    The food meets the requirements of § 34-18-37;

(2)    The food is sold in the seller's physical presence at:

    (a)    The seller's primary residence;

    (b)    A farmer's market;

    (c)    A roadside stand; or

    (d)    Other temporary sale venue; and

(3)    The seller, or a person residing at the seller's primary residence, personally delivers the food to the buyer at the completion of the sale.

Source: SL 2011, ch 158, § 1; SL 2020, ch 143, § 2; SL 2022, ch 106, § 5.