34-20A-105.1. Opioid antagonist--Employer--Dispense--Administer--Immunity.

A licensed health care professional may, directly or by standing order, dispense or distribute an opioid antagonist to an employer.

An employer may acquire and make available on the employer's premises an opioid antagonist that is dispensed or distributed by a licensed health care professional, in accordance with this section, if the employer:

(1)    Develops a protocol for the transport, storage, maintenance, and location of the opioid antagonist;

(2)    Provides training and instruction, developed by the Department of Health and made available on the Department of Health website, to employees or personnel authorized to administer an opioid antagonist on the employer's premises; and

(3)    Prominently posts instructions on the administration of an opioid antagonist and post-administration protocol, if the employer makes it accessible to the public.

An employer, employee, or other authorized personnel of an employer may not be held liable for any death, injury, or damage that arises out of the administration of, the self-administration of, or the failure to administer an opioid antagonist, if such action or inaction constitutes ordinary negligence.

Source: SL 2023, ch 118, § 1.