34-20A-27. Standards for accredited prevention or treatment facilities--Fees.

The department shall establish reasonable standards and requirements for accredited prevention or treatment facilities. The department may fix the fees to be charged by the department for the required inspections. The department shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, in regard to the following standards and requirements:

(1)    Management and administration, including fiscal control, program planning, and evaluation;

(2)    Physical facilities and quality control;

(3)    Services administration, including client rights, confidentiality, treatment planning, and statistical reporting;

(4)    Service components, including inpatient and residential, outpatient treatment, social detoxification, transitional care, custodial care, counseling and support services, and prevention services;

(5)    Staff qualifications; and

(6)    Other standards as are necessary for the safety and health of clients and patients.

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