34-20A-73. Hearing on petition--Service of notice.

Upon filing of a petition under § 34-20A-70, the court shall fix a date for a hearing no later than ten days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays after the date the petition was filed. A copy of the petition and of the notice of the hearing, including the date fixed by the court, must be served on the petitioner, the person whose commitment is sought, the person's next of kin other than the petitioner, a parent or guardian if a minor, the administrator in charge of the approved treatment facility to which the person has been under emergency detainment, if applicable, and any other person the court believes advisable. A copy of the petition and certificate must be delivered to each person notified.

Source: SL 1974, ch 240, § 12 (b); SL 1985, ch 277, § 24; SL 1993, ch 213, § 225; SL 2022, ch 108, § 14.