34-20E-1    Definition of terms.

34-20E-2    Prescription drug monitoring program to be established.

34-20E-2.1    Prescriber and dispenser registration with program required--Exception.

34-20E-3    Submission of information to central repository.

34-20E-4    Grounds for extension of time to submit information.

34-20E-5    Confidentiality of information.

34-20E-6    Procedures for security of patent information.

34-20E-7    Disclosure of data in central repository to certain persons and entities.

34-20E-8    Fees.

34-20E-9    Records of information requests.

34-20E-10    Contracts to facilitate operation of prescription drug monitoring program.

34-20E-11    Immunity from civil liability.

34-20E-12    Board to review data and refer patients, prescribers, or dispensers engaged in improper activities to law enforcement or regulatory authorities.

34-20E-13    Correction of erroneous information.

34-20E-14    Cooperation with other states.

34-20E-15    Advisory council established.

34-20E-16    Membership of advisory council.

34-20E-17    Recommendations of advisory council.

34-20E-18    Report of knowing failure to submit information or submission of incorrect information to dispenser's licensing board.

34-20E-19    Knowing disclosure of information in violation of chapter as felony.

34-20E-20    Promulgation of rules.

34-20E-21    Repealed.