34-20G-27. Cost reimbursement, permission to smoke or vape cannabis on property, permission to cultivate on rental property, permission to allow conduct related to medical cannabis in public buildings not required.

Nothing in this chapter requires:

(1)    A government medical assistance program or private health insurer, workers' compensation insurance carrier, or self-insured employer providing workers' compensation benefits, to reimburse a person for costs associated with the medical use of cannabis;

(2)    Any person or establishment in lawful possession of property to allow a guest, client, customer, or other visitor to smoke or vape cannabis on or in that property;

(3)    A landlord to allow the cultivation of cannabis on the rental property; or

(4)    A state or local government to allow any conduct otherwise permitted by this chapter within a building owned, leased, or occupied by the state or local government.

Source: Initiated Measure No. 26, approved Nov. 3, 2020, eff. Jul. 1, 2021; SL 2022, ch 124, § 1; SL 2022, ch 125, § 1.