34-20G-8. Dispensaries and agents not subject to prosecution, search, seizure, penalty, or discipline for certain conduct.

No dispensary or a dispensary agent is subject to prosecution, search, or inspection, except by the department pursuant to § 34-20G-69, seizure, or penalty in any manner; or may be denied any right or privilege, including civil penalty or disciplinary action by a court or business licensing board or entity, for acting in accordance with this chapter to:

(1)    Possess, transport, or store cannabis or cannabis products;

(2)    Deliver, transfer, or transport cannabis to a testing facility and compensate a testing facility for services provided;

(3)    Accept cannabis offered by a cardholder or nonresident cardholder if nothing of value is exchanged in return;

(4)    Purchase or otherwise acquire cannabis from a cultivation facility or dispensary, and cannabis products from cannabis product manufacturing facility or dispensary; and

(5)    Deliver, sell, supply, transfer, or transport cannabis, cannabis products, cannabis paraphernalia, or related supplies or educational materials to a cardholder, nonresident cardholder, or dispensary.

Source: Initiated Measure No. 26, approved Nov. 3, 2020, eff. Jul. 1, 2021.