34-20G-80. Medical cannabis establishment registration--Probation, fine, suspension, or revocation.

The department may, after notice and hearing in accordance with chapter 1-26, impose probation, impose a fine, suspend, or revoke a registration certificate for multiple negligent or knowing violations of this chapter, or for a serious and knowing violation of this chapter, by the registrant or any of its agents.

The department may not:

(1)    Impose a probation period that exceeds six months; or

(2)    Suspend a registration certificate for a period that exceeds six months, except for a serious violation of patient health and safety, in which case the suspension may not exceed one year.

Source: Initiated Measure No. 26, approved Nov. 3, 2020, eff. Jul. 1, 2021; SL 2024, ch 132, § 7.