34-20G-1    Definitions.

34-20G-2    Cardholders not subject to arrest, prosecution, penalty, or discipline for certain conduct.

34-20G-3    Nonresident cardholders not subject to arrest, prosecution, penalty, or discipline for certain conduct.

34-20G-4    Presumption that qualifying patient or designated caregiver is engaged in the medical use of cannabis--Presumption rebuttable.

34-20G-5    Practitioners not subject to arrest, prosecution, penalty, or discipline for certain conduct.

34-20G-5.1    Certification not authorized.

34-20G-5.2    Certification--Notification to primary or referring practitioner.

34-20G-6    Licensed professionals not subject to discipline for certain conduct.

34-20G-7    Persons not subject to arrest, prosecution, penalty, or discipline for certain conduct.

34-20G-8    Repealed.

34-20G-9    Repealed.

34-20G-10    Repealed.

34-20G-11    Repealed.

34-20G-12    Sale or donation of cannabis seeds to cultivation facility.

34-20G-13    Seizure or forfeiture of cannabis or related property.

34-20G-14    Possession of or application for registry identification card not grounds for search.

34-20G-15    Activity conducted in accordance with chapter lawful.

34-20G-16    Repealed.

34-20G-17    Contracts enforceable.

34-20G-18    Unauthorized conduct.

34-20G-19    Schools and landlords--Prohibited conduct.

34-20G-20    Qualifying patient not disqualified from medical care for cannabis use.

34-20G-21    Custody and visitation rights--Child neglect or endangerment.

34-20G-22    Employment and drug testing--Adverse action not prohibited for safety-sensitive position.

34-20G-23    Conflict with employer's obligations or benefits under federal law.

34-20G-24    Cannabis at workplace--Drug-free policy permitted--Safe harbor.

34-20G-25    Schools, landlords, and employers not to be penalized.

34-20G-25.1    Healthcare and accredited prevention or treatment facilities.

34-20G-26    Repealed.

34-20G-27    Cost reimbursement, permission to smoke or vape cannabis on property, permission to cultivate on rental property, permission to allow conduct related to medical cannabis in public buildings not required.

34-20G-28    Discipline for ingestion of cannabis at workplace and working under the influence of cannabis permitted.

34-20G-28.1    Required notice--Federal firearms law.

34-20G-29    Information required for issuance of registry identification cards--Fee--Fee waiver for follow-up assessment.

34-20G-30    Submission of information by person responsible for medical decisions for qualifying patient.

34-20G-31    Department verification of information--Issuance of registry identification card--Verification system.

34-20G-32    Background check of designated caregiver.

34-20G-33    Issuance of registry identification card to patient under age 18--Conditions.

34-20G-34    Grounds for denial or nonrenewal of qualifying patient registry identification card.

34-20G-35    Grounds for denial of application or nonrenewal of designated caregiver.

34-20G-36    Notice--Denial or revocation.

34-20G-37    Judicial review of application denial or nonrenewal.

34-20G-38    Repealed.

34-20G-39     Repealed.

34-20G-40    Repealed.

34-20G-41    Repealed.

34-20G-42    Contents of registry identification cards.

34-20G-43    Expiration of registry identification card.

34-20G-44    Confidential list--Personal information.

34-20G-45    Secure phone or web-based verification system.

34-20G-46    Required notifications to department.

34-20G-47    Notifications by designated caregiver.

34-20G-48    Issuance of new registry identification card following required notification to department.

34-20G-49    End of debilitating condition--Registry card voided--Disposal of cannabis.

34-20G-50    Theft or loss of cannabis--Notice to department.

34-20G-51    Medical purpose defense.

34-20G-52    Proof of unavailability of defense to prosecution.

34-20G-53    Registry identification card not required to raise defense.

34-20G-54    Person using cannabis for medical purpose not subject to discipline or forfeiture.

34-20G-55    Application for medical cannabis establishment--Contents and conditions--Time for registration.

34-20G-56    County and municipality limitation on number of medical cannabis establishments.

34-20G-57    Medical cannabis establishment registration--Renewal.

34-20G-58    Local ordinances on medical cannabis establishments--Jurisdiction--Civil penalty.

34-20G-58.1    Repealed.

34-20G-59    Local government prohibition of dispensaries not permitted.

34-20G-60    Repealed.

34-20G-61    Criminal background check of medical cannabis establishment officers, employees, and volunteers.

34-20G-62    Employment restrictions on medical cannabis establishments.

34-20G-63    Medical cannabis establishment procedures for oversight and record keeping.

34-20G-64    Medical cannabis establishment security measures.

34-20G-65    Cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing, and packaging of cannabis.

34-20G-65.1    Test samples of cannabis or cannabis products.

34-20G-66    Production of cannabis products.

34-20G-67    Sharing office space and patient referrals to practitioners prohibited.

34-20G-68    Consumption of cannabis on medical cannabis establishment property prohibited.

34-20G-69    Inspection of medical cannabis establishments.

34-20G-70    Cannabis dispensed--Conditions.

34-20G-71    Cannabis dispensed--Confidential record.

34-20G-72    Promulgation of rules--Violation of required or prohibited action as misdemeanor.

34-20G-73    Civil penalty for failure to provide required notice.

34-20G-74    Intentional cannabis sale or transfer to unauthorized person by medical cannabis establishment or agent as felony--Disqualification.

34-20G-75    Intentional cannabis sale or transfer by cardholder to unauthorized person as felony.

34-20G-76    False statement to law enforcement official about medical use of cannabis as misdemeanor.

34-20G-77    Knowing submission of false records or documents to certify medical cannabis establishment as felony.

34-20G-78    Certain conduct of practitioner--Misdemeanor.

34-20G-78.1    Certain conduct of entity--Misdemeanor.

34-20G-78.2    Financial relationship with clinic--Referral prohibited--Exceptions--Penalty.

34-20G-79    Breach of confidentiality of information as misdemeanor.

34-20G-80    Medical cannabis establishment registration--Probation, fine, suspension, or revocation.

34-20G-81    Notice of probation, fine, suspension, or revocation.

34-20G-82    Permitted and prohibited conduct during suspension.

34-20G-83    Revocation of registry identification card for cannabis sale to unauthorized person--Disqualification.

34-20G-84    Revocation of registry identification card for multiple or serious violations.

34-20G-85    Judicial review of revocation.

34-20G-86    Confidential data.

34-20G-87    Data maintained by department--Limited use--Exception.

34-20G-88    Data maintained by department--Grounds for disclosure.

34-20G-88.1    Reporting--Prescription drug monitoring program.

34-20G-89    Cardholder data maintainable by establishment limited--Authorization to maintain PII.

34-20G-90    Cardholder's request for department to confirm cardholder status to others.

34-20G-91    Destruction of unused media containing cardholder information.

34-20G-92    Oversight committee--Membership.

34-20G-92.1    Oversight committee--Leadership.

34-20G-93    Oversight committee--Duties--Input.

34-20G-94    Annual report to the Legislature--Information excluded.

34-20G-95    Administration of medical cannabis to students.

34-20G-96    Probationer or parolee use--Practitioner attestation.