34-21-1    State policy as to uses of radiation and uranium resources.

34-21-1.1    Waste disposal--Approval required--Uranium ore and mine tailings excepted.

34-21-2    Definition of terms.

34-21-3    Governor's agreement for discontinuance of federal responsibility--Nuclear Regulatory Commission--Conditioned.

34-21-4    34-21-4. Superseded.

34-21-4.1    Transfer of enforcement of radiation safety control activities, measures pertaining to X ray producing devices and sources of ionizing radiation used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in the practice of all healing arts to secretary of Department of Health.

34-21-5    Employment of personnel by agency--Delegation of functions.

34-21-6    Training programs to qualify personnel--Participation in federal and interstate programs.

34-21-7    Development of comprehensive policies and programs.

34-21-8    Investigations and research in radiation problems and monitoring.

34-21-9    Consultation and cooperation with federal, public and other agencies.

34-21-10    Acceptance and administration of loans and grants.

34-21-11    Collection and dissemination of information.

34-21-12    Adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations.

34-21-13    Programs for regulation and inspection--Preoperational environmental radiological monitoring plans.

34-21-14    Incidental powers of agency.

34-21-15    Rules and regulations for control of radiation.

34-21-16    Unauthorized use of radioactive materials as misdemeanor.

34-21-17    Opinions on construction plans--Information from federal and private entities.

34-21-18    Licensing of ionizing radiation sources--Fees.

34-21-19    Rules and regulations for licensing of nuclear materials and equipment.

34-21-20    Registration or licensing required for handling of radioactive materials--Misdemeanor--Exemption of materials without hazard.

34-21-21    Recognition of other state or federal licenses--Previously issued federal license.

34-21-22    Notice to secretary of extension or alteration of program by registrant or licensee--Failure to notify as misdemeanor.

34-21-23    Unauthorized exposure to diagnostic or therapeutic radiation as misdemeanor.

34-21-24    Records required with respect to ionizing radiation sources and environmental monitoring.

34-21-25    Individual exposure records for ionizing radiation.

34-21-26    Records submitted to agency on request.

34-21-27    Individual exposure records furnished to employees.

34-21-28    Access of agency personnel to premises for inspection and investigations--Examination and maintenance of records.

34-21-29    Inspection of radiation sources to evaluate compliance--Upgrading monitoring program.

34-21-30    Inspections for radiation hazards--Report to operator.

34-21-31    Orders abating discharge of radioactive material.

34-21-32    Impounding of radiation sources for violations.

34-21-33    Files maintained by agency.

34-21-34    Procedure on license matters.

34-21-35    Notice of suspected violations--Opportunity for hearing.

34-21-36    Order finding violation--Forwarding to violator.

34-21-37    Hearing on suspected violation--Hearing officers.

34-21-38    Findings and decision.

34-21-39    Emergency order to protect public health and safety--Immediate effect.

34-21-40    Hearing on emergency order--Finality of order.

34-21-41    Appeal from agency order or determination.

34-21-42    34-21-42, 34-21-43. Omitted.

34-21-44    Violation as misdemeanor--Injunction--Each day as separate violation.

34-21-45    Injunction proceedings brought by attorney general.

34-21-46    Chapter supplementary to other legislation.

34-21-47    Notice by federal agency prior to transmitting waste.

34-21-48    Time for notice.

34-21-49    Transportation without timely notice prohibited.

34-21-50    Investigation of waste disposal applicants located within fifty miles of state borders.

34-21-51    Investigation objectives.

34-21-52    Felony convictions or permit violations by applicant may result in legal actions.