34-23A-1    Definition of terms.

34-23A-1.1    Attempt to perform abortion defined.

34-23A-1.2    Legislative findings--Termination of life.

34-23A-1.3    Legislative findings--Relationship between pregnant woman and unborn child.

34-23A-1.4    Legislative findings--Risks to life and health of pregnant woman.

34-23A-1.5    Legislative findings--Special protection of rights of pregnant women.

34-23A-1.6    Legislative findings--Standard of practice requiring informed consent.

34-23A-1.7    Common law cause of action for medical malpractice informed consent claims based on reasonable patient standard reaffirmed--Application to abortion procedures--Construction.

34-23A-2    Repealed.

34-23A-2.1    Physician to inform in case of medical emergency.

34-23A-3    Repealed.

34-23A-4    Repealed.

34-23A-5    Repealed.

34-23A-6    Blood supply and testing facilities to be available during abortion--Inoculations required.

34-23A-7    Forty-eight hour notice to parent or guardian for minor or incompetent female--Delivery of notice--Exceptions.

34-23A-7.1    Abortion without notification--Participation and representation of female--Confidentiality--Appeal of denial.

34-23A-8    34-23A-8, 34-23A-9. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 189, § 126; SL 1977, ch 190, §§ 63, 64.

34-23A-10    34-23A-10. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 249, § 3.

34-23A-10.1    Voluntary and informed consent required--Medical emergency exception--Information provided.

34-23A-10.2    Statement of informed consent--Misdemeanor--Report of physician's conviction--Female not penalized.

34-23A-10.3    Publication of educational materials.

34-23A-10.4    Department of Health to develop and maintain multi-media website--Contents--Collection of related statistics.

34-23A-10.5    Form required by 34-23A-10.1(1) to be prescribed by department.

34-23A-11    Counselor or social worker not liable for arranging abortion--Retaliation from employer prohibited.

34-23A-12    No liability for refusal to perform abortion.

34-23A-13    Medical facility not to discriminate for performance or refusal to perform abortion.

34-23A-14    Hospital not required to perform abortions--No liability for refusal of abortion as policy.

34-23A-15    34-23A-15. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 263.

34-23A-16    Birth certificate for live birth resulting from abortion--Death certificate on subsequent death.

34-23A-16.1    Child born alive--Preservation of life and health.

34-23A-16.2    Abortion--Child born alive--Civil and disciplinary action.

34-23A-17    Use of fetal tissue, organs, or body parts for research or transplantation prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as felony.

34-23A-18    Abortion as evidence in proceedings to terminate parental rights or to adjudicate dependency of child.

34-23A-19    Performance of abortion--Required reports--Rules.

34-23A-20    Severability of provisions.

34-23A-21    Construction of chapter.

34-23A-22    Cause of action for certain abortions--Amount of damages--Attorney's fees.

34-23A-23    Anonymity of female plaintiff--Specific written findings.

34-23A-24    Analyses of maternal mortality.

34-23A-25    Analyses of pregnancy outcomes.

34-23A-26    Publication of findings on maternal mortality and pregnancy outcomes.

34-23A-27    Partial-birth abortion prohibited--Violation a felony.

34-23A-28    Application of partial-birth abortion prohibition.

34-23A-29    Civil action for death of fetus or infant in partial-birth abortion.

34-23A-30    Money damages in partial-birth abortion.

34-23A-31    Prosecution of woman upon whom partial-birth abortion performed.

34-23A-32    Partial-birth abortion defined.

34-23A-33    Fetus and infant defined.

34-23A-34    Physician's reporting form--Contents.

34-23A-35    Submission of physician's information report.

34-23A-36    Annual public report--Information included.

34-23A-37    Information collection form.

34-23A-38    Submission of information collection form.

34-23A-39    Reporting form for use of notice described in § 34-23A-7.

34-23A-40    Submission of reporting form.

34-23A-41    Penalty for failure to submit reporting form.

34-23A-42    Failure to submit reporting form a misdemeanor.

34-23A-43    Department to ensure compliance--Inspection.

34-23A-44    Department to ensure anonymity--Confidentiality of communication.

34-23A-45    "Induced abortion" defined.

34-23A-46    Licensing of abortion facilities.

34-23A-47    Exceptions to abortion facility license requirement.

34-23A-48    Application for abortion facility license--Contents--Fee--Inspection and investigation--Renewal.

34-23A-49    Compliance inspections.

34-23A-49.1    Inspection information to be posted on department's public website.

34-23A-50    Fees to be deposited in abortion facility licensing fund.

34-23A-51    Promulgation of rules--Minimum standards for abortion facilities.

34-23A-52    Opportunity to view sonogram and hear child's heartbeat--Documentation of response to offer.

34-23A-52.1    Medical emergency exception.

34-23A-53    Definition of terms.

34-23A-54    Legislative findings.

34-23A-55    Duties of physician in addition to common law.

34-23A-56    Scheduling of abortion--Prior requirements.

34-23A-57    Patient's written signed statement.

34-23A-58    Registry of pregnancy help centers.

34-23A-58.1    Certification of conditions by pregnancy help centers.

34-23A-58.2    Pregnancy help centers placed on registry before January 1, 2012.

34-23A-58.3    Pregnancy help centers placed on registry after January 1, 2012.

34-23A-58.4    Registry may not include entities licensed to place children for adoption or perform abortions--List of licensed persons who provide counseling--Removal from registry for failure to comply.

34-23A-59    Pregnancy help center consultations.

34-23A-59.1    Licensed professionals required at pregnancy help centers.

34-23A-59.2    Release of confidential information as misdemeanor.

34-23A-60    Civil action for failure to comply with §§ 34-23A-56 and 34-23A-57.

34-23A-61    Civil action for failure to comply with chapter.

34-23A-62    Repeal not implied.

34-23A-63    Definitions regarding sex-selective abortions.

34-23A-64    Sex-selective abortions prohibited--Felony.

34-23A-65    Repeal not implied.

34-23A-66    34-23A-66. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 179, § 6.

34-23A-67    Legislative findings as to unborn child capable of experiencing pain.

34-23A-68    Definitions regarding unborn child capable of experiencing pain.

34-23A-69    Abortion of unborn child capable of feeling pain prohibited--Felony--Exceptions.

34-23A-70    Time when unborn child capable of feeling pain--Diagnosis of post-fertilization age of unborn child.

34-23A-71    Intent of pregnant mother to inflict self-harm not medical emergency.

34-23A-72    Requirements when abortion of unborn child capable of feeling pain necessary due to medical emergency.

34-23A-73    Repeal not implied.

34-23A-74    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls performs ninety-eight percent of abortions.

34-23A-75    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls does not comply with subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(b) and (e)(ii).

34-23A-76    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls provides written disclosures that include certain statement.

34-23A-77    Legislative finding that statement in § 34-23A-76 does not comply with subsection 34-23A-10.1(1)(e)(ii).

34-23A-78    Legislative finding regarding noncompliance with subsection 34-23A-10.1(1)(e)(ii).

34-23A-79    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls provides written disclosures that include certain statement.

34-23A-80    Legislative finding that statement in § 34-23A-79 does not comply with subsection 34-23A-10.1(1)(b).

34-23A-81    Legislative finding regarding noncompliance with subsection 34-23A-10.1(1)(b).

34-23A-82    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls does not comply with subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(c) and (d).

34-23A-83    Legislative finding that Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls provides written disclosures that include certain statement.

34-23A-84    Legislative finding that statement in § 34-23A-83 fails to adequately provide, explain, or discuss disclosures required by subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(c) and (d).

34-23A-85    Legislative finding regarding noncompliance with subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(c) and (d).

34-23A-86    Legislative finding regarding pregnant mother's appreciation and understanding of disclosures required by subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(b), (c) and (d).

34-23A-87    Legislative finding regarding phrase "politicians in the State of South Dakota require us to tell you that...".

34-23A-88    Legislative finding regarding inclusion of disclosures required by subsections 34-23A-10.1(1)(b), (c), and (d) in counseling provided by registered pregnancy help centers.

34-23A-89    Definition--Down syndrome.

34-23A-90    Down syndrome--Abortion prohibited--Penalty.

34-23A-91    Intentional, knowing, or negligent failure to comply--Civil action.

34-23A-92    Exemptions to save life of the mother.

34-23A-93    Nonrepealer clause.