34-26-1    Personal right to direct disposition of body and bodily parts.

34-26-2    Autopsy authorized.

34-26-3    Dissection authorized by decedent during life.

34-26-4    Dissection authorized by spouse or next of kin.

34-26-5    Dissection for purposes of inquest authorized by coroner, sheriff, or state's attorney.

34-26-6    Dissection of body of state institution inmate--Consent of next of kin required--Abandoned inmate.

34-26-7    Dissection authorized by legislative enactment.

34-26-8    Notice to medical school of unclaimed body--Requisition by and forwarding to medical school.

34-26-9    Receipt and record of bodies received by medical school.

34-26-10    Embalming and preservation of bodies by medical school--Claim by friend or relative.

34-26-11    Use of unclaimed bodies by medical school--Burial of remains.

34-26-12    Autopsies at hospitals for the mentally ill.

34-26-13    Unauthorized dissection of body as misdemeanor.

34-26-14    Right to custody of dead body--Coroner's custody pending inquest.

34-26-15    Burial within reasonable time required.

34-26-16    Repealed.

34-26-17    Right and duty of burial on failure by persons first charged--County claim against estate for expense of burial.

34-26-18    Failure to make burial as misdemeanor--Civil liability for treble expenses.

34-26-19    Provisions applicable to parts of body.

34-26-20    34-26-20, 34-26-21. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 197, § 26.

34-26-21.1    Department of Public Safety distribution of information on organ donation.

34-26-22    34-26-22 to 34-26-46. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 197, § 26.

34-26-47    Hospital protocol for identifying potential organ donors.

34-26-47.1    Discrimination in organ transplant process prohibited.

34-26-48    Short title.

34-26-49    Definitions.

34-26-50    Applicability.

34-26-51    Who may make anatomical gift before donor's death.

34-26-52    Manner of making anatomical gift before donor's death.

34-26-52.1    Organ donor designation on driver licenses and identification cards--Maintenance and removal of donor designation in department computer records.

34-26-53    Amending or revoking anatomical gift before donor's death.

34-26-54    Refusal to make anatomical gift--Effect of refusal.

34-26-55    Preclusive effect of anatomical gift, amendment, or revocation.

34-26-56    Who may make anatomical gift of decedent's body or part.

34-26-57    Manner of making, amending, or revoking anatomical gift of decedent's body or part.

34-26-58    Persons who may receive anatomical gift--Purpose of anatomical gift.

34-26-59    Search and notification.

34-26-60    Delivery of document of gift not required--Right to examine.

34-26-61    Rights and duties of procurement organization and others.

34-26-62    Coordination of procurement and use.

34-26-63    Sale or purchase of parts prohibited.

34-26-64    Other prohibited acts.

34-26-65    Immunity.

34-26-66    Law governing validity--Choice of law as to execution of document of gift--Presumption of validity.

34-26-67    Donor registry.

34-26-68    Effect of anatomical gift on advance health care directive.

34-26-69    Cooperation between coroner and procurement organization.

34-26-70    Facilitation of anatomical gift from decedent whose body is under jurisdiction of coroner.

34-26-71    Uniformity of application and construction.

34-26-72    Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

34-26-73    Disposition of body of deceased servicemember.

34-26-74    Contracts for disposition--Funeral--Burial.

34-26-75    Right to control--Order of precedence.

34-26-76    Forfeiture of right.

34-26-77    Affidavit--Designation by decedent.

34-26-78    Court determination against statutory precedence--Considerations.

34-26-79    Funeral service agreement-- Disposition authorization—Reliance upon content.

34-26-80    Funeral homes--Limitation of liability--Acting in good faith.