34-26A-13.1. Required time before cremation--Waiver--Coroner's release.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, a decedent may not be cremated for twenty-four hours following:

(1)    The decedent's time of death, as pronounced by a physician, or other health care professional acting within the person's scope of practice; or

(2)    The time at which a declaration of the decedent's death is made by the coroner or other person having the authority to make that declaration.

The prohibition set forth in this section may be waived, in writing, by a physician or by the coroner, if death is the result of a virulent communicable disease.

If a death is being investigated by a coroner, cremation may not take place before a written release is provided by the investigating coroner.

Source: SL 2023, ch 129, § 8.