34-26A-9.1. Delivery of decedent--Receipt--Contents--Unidentified remains not acceptable.

Whenever a decedent is delivered to a crematory for cremation, crematory personnel shall complete a receipt that includes:

(1)    The name of the decedent;

(2)    The name and employer of the person who delivered the decedent to the crematory;

(3)    The date and time of the delivery;

(4)    The name of the crematory employee who accepted the delivery; and

(5)    Any funeral home or other entity involved in the disposition of the decedent's remains.

The receipt must be signed by the person who delivered the decedent to the crematory and by the employee who accepted the delivery on behalf of the crematory.

The crematory shall retain the receipt in accordance with the record retention provisions set forth in § 34-26A-25.1.

A crematory may not accept unidentified human remains.

Source: SL 2023, ch 129, § 7.