34-26A-1    Definition of terms.

34-26A-2    Authorizing agent defined--Public official or institutional representative as authorizing agent.

34-26A-3    Construction and maintenance of crematory--Operation under licensed funeral director or establishment--Exception--Building and zoning regulations.

34-26A-4    Application for licensure or renewal--Forms--Fee--Contents--Annual examination--Notice on change of ownership.

34-26A-5    Cremation prohibited except in licensed crematory--Violation as misdemeanor.

34-26A-6    Documentation required for cremation--Cremation authorization form--Burial permit--Other local documentation.

34-26A-7    Delegation of authority of authorizing agent--Reliance on authorization form without liability.

34-26A-8    Receipt upon receiving human remains--Contents--Signatures.

34-26A-9    Record of cremations.

34-26A-10    Acceptance of unidentified human remains prohibited--Identification on exterior of cremation container.

34-26A-11    Filing of burial permit on completion of cremation.

34-26A-12    Casket not to be required by crematory authority--Cremation container to be cremated absent written instructions to the contrary.

34-26A-13    When cremation may take place--Investigation by coroner--Waiver of time requirement.

34-26A-14    Notification of coroner by crematory authority in certain cases--Investigation--Authorization to cremate.

34-26A-15    Removal of pacemaker or hazardous implants.

34-26A-16    Holding human remains before cremation--Refrigeration--Leaking cremation container need not be accepted.

34-26A-17    Unauthorized persons not permitted in crematory area.

34-26A-18    Simultaneous cremations forbidden absent written authorization--Authorization as exemption from liability for commingling.

34-26A-19    Verification of identification before cremation.

34-26A-20    Removal and processing of residue.

34-26A-21    Packing of cremated remains--Temporary container--Shipping.

34-26A-22    Statement by authorizing agent specifying disposition of cremated remains--Retention of copy.

34-26A-23    Responsibility of authorizing agent for disposition--Disposal of unclaimed remains--Reimbursement--Record--Discharge from liability.

34-26A-24    Where cremated remains may be disposed of--Consent of property owner.

34-26A-25    Commingling of cremated remains prohibited--Exceptions.

34-26A-26    Delivery of cremated remains--Receipt--Transportation of remains.

34-26A-27    Scattering of cremated remains--Filing of statement with local registrar--Release of remains by crematory authority--Violation as misdemeanor.

34-26A-28    Cremation authorization form as warranty of identity, authority, etc.--Liability of person signing form.

34-26A-29    Right of crematory authority to cremate on receipt of authorization form--Immunity from liability--Exception.

34-26A-30    Crematory authority not responsible for valuables.

34-26A-31    Refusal to accept body or perform cremation--When crematory authority not liable--Court order or resolution of dispute.

34-26A-32    Refusal to release cremated remains--When crematory authority not liable--Court order or resolution of dispute.

34-26A-33    Promulgation of rules by department--Contents--Adoption of rules by crematory authority.

34-26A-34    Maintenance of crematory in violation of chapter as nuisance--Abatement.

34-26A-35    Holding self out as crematory authority without license or performing cremation without authorization form as misdemeanor.

34-26A-36    Knowingly signing false authorization form as misdemeanor.

34-26A-37    Pre-need contract to specify ultimate disposition of cremated remains--Compliance with contract absent different instructions at time of death--Release from liability.

34-26A-38    Right to authorize one's own cremation on pre-need basis--Witnesses--Designation of crematory authority--Transfer or cancellation--Notice to department and crematory authority.

34-26A-39    Disposition of remains of deceased in accordance with pre-need authorization form--Best efforts of persons in possession of form or charged with making arrangements.

34-26A-40    Crematory authority to comply with pre-need authorization form--Immunity from liability.

34-26A-41    Employment of licensed funeral director.