34-29A-1    Definition of terms.

34-29A-2    Inspectors within department.

34-29A-3    Qualifications and appointment of chief inspector.

34-29A-4    Qualifications and employment of deputy inspectors.

34-29A-5    34-29A-5. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, § 37.

34-29A-6    Commissions issued to special inspectors employed by insurance companies--Examination or previous certification required.

34-29A-7    Insured boilers inspected by special inspectors--Exemption from state fees except boiler annual operation certificate.

34-29A-8    Special inspectors not paid by state--Commission conditioned on continuing employment.

34-29A-8.1    Inspection--Liability.

34-29A-9    Examinations for inspectors--Scope--Second examination on appeal--Records available to applicant and employer.

34-29A-10    Replacement of lost or destroyed commission.

34-29A-11    Hearing on qualifications of special inspector--Revocation of commission.

34-29A-12    Suspension of special inspector's commission--Grounds--Notice--Appeal.

34-29A-13    Reinstatement of suspended commission.

34-29A-14    Boilers exempt from application of chapter.

34-29A-14.1    Rules and regulations for inspection of historic power boilers.

34-29A-14.2    Inspectors of historic power boilers.

34-29A-15    34-29A-15. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, § 44.

34-29A-16    Program of boiler inspection established by department--Rules.

34-29A-17    34-29A-17. Temporary and executed.

34-29A-18    34-29A-18 to 34-29A-21. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, §§ 46 to 49.

34-29A-22    Maximum allowable pressure of boilers--Computation.

34-29A-23    Reuse of existing boilers.

34-29A-24    New boilers to conform to rules--Special installation and operation certificate.

34-29A-25    Certificate required to operate boiler--Unauthorized operation as misdemeanor--Each day as separate offense.

34-29A-26    Inspections required for operating boilers--Frequency of inspection.

34-29A-27    Inspection of new boilers during construction--Construction outside state for use within state.

34-29A-28    Persons authorized to make inspections.

34-29A-29    State inspectors' access to premises for inspection during construction.

34-29A-30    34-29A-30, 34-29A-31. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, §§ 55, 56.

34-29A-32    Variations in inspection requirements for operating equipment.

34-29A-33    Hydrostatic tests of operating equipment.

34-29A-34    Secretary or designee to issue, suspend or revoke certificates.

34-29A-35    34-29A-35. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 257, § 2.

34-29A-35.1    Inspection fees.

34-29A-36    Additional fee for reinspection trip.

34-29A-37    Daily rates charged for other inspections.

34-29A-38    Inspection reports by special inspectors.

34-29A-39    Certificate issued on special inspector's report.

34-29A-40    Posting of certificates.

34-29A-41    Certificate issued on special inspector's report invalid after termination of insurance.

34-29A-42    Duration of certificates issued on special inspector's reports.

34-29A-43    Suspension of certificate for unsafe or noncomplying boiler--Duration of suspension.

34-29A-44    34-29A-44, 34-29A-45. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, §§ 66, 67.

34-29A-46    Record of boilers and inspections.

34-29A-46.1    Operating boilers--Notification requirements.

34-29A-47    Enforcement actions.

34-29A-48    Appeals from inspectors--Order approving or disapproving inspector's act.

34-29A-49    Judicial review of order--Summary hearing.

34-29A-50    Prosecution of violators.

34-29A-51    Deposit of fees in boiler inspection fund.

34-29A-52    Expenditure of funds--Expenses included.

34-29A-53    Municipal ordinances not to be less restrictive--Conflicting ordinances void.

34-29A-54    34-29A-54, 34-29A-55. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, §§ 74, 75.