34-3-1    Establishment of county department authorized--Definition of full-time health department.

34-3-2    Election on establishment of department by adjacent counties--Establishment in other counties after failure in one county.

34-3-3    County board where full-time department maintained--Appointment and terms of members.

34-3-4    Officers of county board--Expenses of board members.

34-3-5    Merger of city and county health services in full-time department--City representative on board.

34-3-6    Departmental funds deposited with county treasurer--Disbursements.

34-3-7    Departmental funds deposited with treasurer of participating first or second class municipality--Disbursements.

34-3-8    Dissolution of full-time county department--Withdrawal of first or second class municipality from participation.

34-3-9    District health department established by counties and first and second class municipalities--City contributions.

34-3-10    Full-time district health department defined.

34-3-11    Adjacent counties and first and second class municipalities joining district health department.

34-3-12    Repealed

34-3-13    Appointing committee for district board of health--Number of members appointed to board.

34-3-14    Terms of office of district board members.

34-3-15    Officers of district board--Expenses of board members.

34-3-16    Office of district health department--Supplies and personnel.

34-3-17    Board meetings where full-time department maintained.

34-3-18    Health officer and personnel for full-time department.

34-3-19    Part-time health officer for full-time department.

34-3-20    State grants for maintenance of full-time health departments--Contributions by other agencies.

34-3-21    Contractual arrangements for services to adjacent counties--Funds provided--Powers of board in adjacent county.

34-3-22    Departmental funds provided from general fund of participating subdivisions.

34-3-23    Operating costs apportioned among participating counties--Population as basis for apportionment.

34-3-24    Annual budget estimates for full-time department--Hearings and approval of budget.

34-3-25    District funds held by treasurer of largest county--Disbursements.

34-3-26    Powers of county board and superintendent vested in full-time department.

34-3-27    Withdrawal from district department by county or first or second class municipality--Restrictions on withdrawal--Vacancies on district board.