34-48A-1    Definitions.

34-48A-2    Policy and purpose.

34-48A-3    Coordination with federal government--Cooperation with other agencies.

34-48A-4    Employment of personnel--Expenditures.

34-48A-5    Authority of Governor in time of disaster, terrorist attack, or emergency.

34-48A-5.1    Repealed.

34-48A-5.2    Governmental authority--Emergencies--Limitations related to firearms and weapons.

34-48A-6    Emergency coordination of resources by Governor.

34-48A-7    Powers and duties of workers from sending political subdivision.

34-48A-8    Reimbursement between political subdivisions co-operating.

34-48A-9    Power to make orders.

34-48A-10    Special permits for emergency movement of persons and property in lieu of other permits.

34-48A-11    Preparation of comprehensive plan--Coordination with federal plan.

34-48A-12    Contents of plan--Supplies and equipment--Cooperation with federal government--Agreements with other states--Distribution and allocation--Training and information programs.

34-48A-13    Municipalities to provide contact list of public officials to Division of Emergency Management--Contents.

34-48A-14    Municipalities to provide contact list of certain public employees to Division of Emergency Management.

34-48A-15    County commission to provide contact list of public officers and employees to Division of Emergency Management--Contents.

34-48A-16    Boards of supervisors to provide contact list of public officers and employees to Division of Emergency Management--Contents.

34-48A-17    Department of Public Safety to promulgate rules for emergency reporting procedures.

34-48A-18    Confidentiality of information.

34-48A-19    Mutual aid arrangements with other states and between political subdivisions.

34-48A-20    Cooperation with federal agencies--Mobilization of forces--Warning signals--Utility systems--Public meetings--Evacuation.

34-48A-21    Assignment of workers to reinforce local organization--Call to duty--Place of duty.

34-48A-22    Emergency management workers--Rights, duties, and compensation.

34-48A-23    Civil immunity of persons requested to assist with hazardous material incidents--Exceptions.

34-48A-24    Scope of immunity extends to employers and other responsible parties.

34-48A-25    Reimbursement of local governments for employees' expenses and damages.

34-48A-26    Duty to utilize already existing facilities.

34-48A-27    Secretary of public safety responsible for carrying out emergency management program.

34-48A-28    Special emergency and disaster special revenue fund.

34-48A-29    Credits to fund--Expenditures from fund.

34-48A-30    Minimum local effort required for state aid.

34-48A-31    County duty to assist local government subdivisions to meet local effort eligibility requirement.

34-48A-32    Amount of state financial assistance--Additional assistance authorized.

34-48A-33    State financial assistance paid from special emergency and disaster special revenue fund--Vouchers.

34-48A-34    Estimates of costs and certification of county needs--Excess assistance payments revert to fund.

34-48A-35    Scope of rules.

34-48A-36    Authority to accept federal moneys, services, or equipment--Conditions.

34-48A-37    Cooperation in implementation of federal Disaster Relief Act.

34-48A-38    Audit of project applications.

34-48A-39    County emergency management organizations.

34-48A-40    Director of local organization--Duties and powers.

34-48A-41    Contracting power of local subdivision--Obedience to mandatory constitutional requirements.

34-48A-42    County emergency management revenue fund.

34-48A-43    Matching federal moneys--Deferring local obligation.

34-48A-44    Local emergency management districts--Appropriations.

34-48A-45    Mutual aid arrangements of local organizations.

34-48A-46    Interstate mutual aid arrangements.

34-48A-47    Powers of emergency management workers outside local jurisdiction.

34-48A-48    District special emergency and disaster fund--Sources--Withdrawals.

34-48A-49    Emergency management as governmental function--Exceptions--Worker's compensation.

34-48A-50    Exemption from licensing requirements during emergency.

34-48A-51    Civil defense shelters on private property--Immunity from liability.

34-48A-52    Political activity by emergency management organization prohibited.

34-48A-53    Uniform Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

34-48A-54    State and Province Emergency Management Assistance Memorandum of Understanding.

34-48A-55    Search and rescue services--Costs--Limitation.