34-49-1    Definition of terms.

34-49-2    Sale or offer for sale of cigarettes prohibited without required testing, compliance with performance standard, certification, and marking.

34-49-3    Use of lowered permeability bands to meet performance standard--Requirements.

34-49-4    Alternative test method and performance standard.

34-49-5    Retention of test reports--Copies to be made available--Civil penalty for violation.

34-49-6    Subsequent ASTM Standard Test Method.

34-49-7    Sale of cigarettes for purpose of consumer testing not prohibited.

34-49-8    Certification of testing and compliance with performance standard--Contents.

34-49-9    Cigarette package marking requirements.

34-49-10    Civil penalties for sales or offers for sale of cigarettes by manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers in violation of requirements.

34-49-11    Civil penalties for sales or offers for sale of cigarettes by retailers in violation of requirements.

34-49-12    Civil penalties for false certification by manufacturer.

34-49-13    Other civil penalties.

34-49-14    Seizure of cigarettes lacking certification or marking--Notice prior to destruction.

34-49-15    Injunctive relief, costs and damages--Separate civil violations.

34-49-16    Disclosure of information among secretary, attorney general, and state fire marshal.

34-49-17    Examination of books and records.

34-49-18    Cigarette fire safety standard act fund created.

34-49-19    Out-of-state sales permitted.

34-49-20    Certain sales of existing inventory on or after January 1, 2011 permitted.

34-49-21    Preemption of local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

34-49-22    Repeal upon express federal preemption.

34-49-23    Construction of chapter with law of other states.