34A-12-6Civil action by department for corrective action costs--Recovery of other costs.

The department may bring an action in circuit court against the responsible person to obtain reimbursement for corrective action costs expended from the response fund pursuant to §§ 23A-27-25, 34A-1-39, 34A-2-75, 34A-6-1.4, 34A-6-1.31, 34A-11-9, 34A-11-10, 34A-11-12, 34A-11-14, 34A-12-1 to 34A-12-15, inclusive, 45-6B-70, 45-6C-45, 45-6D-60, and 45-9-68. The secretary may seek recovery of other funds expended by the department as a result of a discharge through actions brought under the provisions of Title 34A.

Source: SL 1988, ch 291, § 7; SL 1992, ch 158, § 55A.