34A-12-1    Definition of terms.

34A-12-2    Repealed

34A-12-3    Regulated substance response fund established--Purpose--Source of funds--Continuous appropriation--Informational budget--Annual legislative review.

34A-12-3.1    Subfund created--Disbursement and use of funds.

34A-12-3.2    34A-12-3.2. Repealed by SL 1999, ch 182, § 1.

34A-12-4    Expenditure of funds by secretary--Grounds for expenditures.

34A-12-5    Department to perform administrative functions and corrective actions--Disbursements.

34A-12-6    Civil action by department for corrective action costs--Recovery of other costs.

34A-12-7    Promulgation of rules--List of regulated substances.

34A-12-8    Discharge of regulated substance prohibited--Exception.

34A-12-9    Report of discharge--Rules for reporting.

34A-12-10    Order to take corrective action--Injunctive action--Cease and desist order.

34A-12-11    Injunctive action for emergency remedial efforts.

34A-12-12    Strict liability for costs of corrective action.

34A-12-13    Corrective action costs as lien--Filing of notice of lien--Contents--Attachment--Priority.

34A-12-13.1    Authority to establish and enforce remediation requirements.

34A-12-14    Additional remedies.

34A-12-15    Deposit of certain moneys in response fund.

34A-12-16    Determination of person responsible for discharge.

34A-12-17    34A-12-17. Transferred to § 34A-2-71.1.

34A-12-18    34A-12-18 to 34A-12-24. Transferred to §§ 1-50-5 to 1-50-11.