34A-13-25. Notice of suspension of benefits--Notice to department--Appeal for reinstatement of benefits--Ratification of certain suspensions and reinstatements.

If any party required to pay the fee fails to do so, the director must notify that party in writing that failure to pay the fee within fifteen days shall result in the suspension of all benefits under this chapter. The director shall also notify the department, by copy, of the party's failure, and the department may require additional proof of financial responsibility. If the past due fee is paid in full after benefits are suspended, the party may appeal to the department for reinstatement of benefits in a contested case proceeding pursuant to chapter 1-26. The secretary may deny reinstatement of benefits or grant partial or complete reinstatement of benefits. Any suspension or reinstatement undertaken by the secretary upon which no judicial action has been commenced prior to January 1, 1992, is hereby ratified.

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