34A-16-1    Creation of a regional recycling and waste management district.

34A-16-2    Notice of public hearing.

34A-16-3    Governing body--Composition--Terms--Vacancy.

34A-16-4    Articles of incorporation.

34A-16-5    Actions involving the validity or enforcement of any contract.

34A-16-6    Amendment of articles of incorporation.

34A-16-7    Powers of each district.

34A-16-8    Travel and subsistence expenses--Per diem.

34A-16-9    Expansion of district.

34A-16-10    Reduction in size of district.

34A-16-11    Expansion or reduction in size--Certified copy of governing resolution.

34A-16-12    County or municipality cooperation in the planning, construction, or operation of solid waste facilities.

34A-16-13    County or municipality contracts with district for provision of waste facilities and services--Terms.

34A-16-14    Powers of district.

34A-16-15    District's capacity to sue or be sued.

34A-16-16    District's interest in real or personal property.

34A-16-17    Application and acceptance of gifts, grants, or loans.

34A-16-18    Use of real or personal property--Tax exemption--Special assessments.

34A-16-19    Power to contract for operation and improvement of facilities.

34A-16-20    Establishment and collection of general rates and charges--Public hearing required--Publication of notice.

34A-16-21    Manner of billing and collecting--Discontinuance of service.

34A-16-22    Incentives to reduce waste and separate recyclable materials.

34A-16-23    Disposal of products and energy produced.

34A-16-24    Joint-powers agreements.

34A-16-25    Authorized activities.

34A-16-26    Insurance.

34A-16-27    Purchases.

34A-16-28    Issuance of revenue bonds--Payment--Revenues--Powers of commission.

34A-16-29    Issuance of bonds to pay for closure, postclosure, and contingency costs for responses to releases from facilities or to refund outstanding bonds.

34A-16-30    Use of proceeds under § 34A-16-29 limited.

34A-16-31    Solid waste management fund--Separate accounts--Audit requirements.

34A-16-32    Designation and reviewing authority defined.

34A-16-33    Obtaining designation authority.

34A-16-34    Application of designation.

34A-16-35    Adoption of management plan--Designation plan--Requirements for designation plan.

34A-16-36    Required evaluations for plan proposing designation to facilities.

34A-16-37    Certain waste under contract between hauler and different facility exempt during contract period--Exemption for certain electric generation facilities.

34A-16-38    Review and approval of designation plan.

34A-16-39    Time limit to review plan--Requirements for approval.

34A-16-40    Procedure for adopting or amending designation ordinance--Hearing--Notice.

34A-16-41    Contents of designation ordinance.

34A-16-42    Designation ordinance exceptions for certain exempt materials.

34A-16-43    Consistency of ordinance with plan--Effective date of designation--Challenging designation.

34A-16-44    Notification of intent to own or operate facility.

34A-16-45    Penalty for violation of designation ordinance.

34A-16-46    Processing and disposal of waste generated outside of district prohibited.

34A-16-47    Powers granted by chapter independent from other statutes.

34A-16-48    Entrance upon public and private lands to determine suitability of potential landfill site.

34A-16-49    Legislative findings.