34A-2-1    Legislative findings and policy.

34A-2-2    Definition of terms.

34A-2-3    34A-2-3 to 34A-2-5. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, §§ 16 to 18.

34A-2-6    Planning consistent with federal requirements--Maximum daily loads.

34A-2-7    34A-2-7, 34A-2-8. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, §§ 19, 20.

34A-2-9    34A-2-9. Superseded.

34A-2-10    Classification of waters.

34A-2-11    Water quality standards--Factors considered--Objectives--Violation.

34A-2-11.1    Presumption favoring existing quality standards.

34A-2-12    Regulation of public water supplies--Violation.

34A-2-12.1    34A-2-12.1. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 208, § 1.

34A-2-13    Effluent standards--Minimum requirements--Violation.

34A-2-14    Pretreatment standards for industrial users of inadequate public treatment works--Violation.

34A-2-15    Violation of pretreatment standards for industrial user--Implementation of Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

34A-2-16    Enforcement of pretreatment standards for industrial users.

34A-2-17    Periodic review of classification and standards.

34A-2-18    Procedure for establishment of classification, standards or rules.

34A-2-19    34A-2-19. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 19.

34A-2-20    Establishment of waste treatment requirements.

34A-2-21    Causing pollution of waters prohibited--Placement of wastes--Violation.

34A-2-22    Reduction of existing water quality by discharge of waste prohibited--Violation as nuisance.

34A-2-23    34A-2-23. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 22.

34A-2-24    Discharge of wastes allowed when economic or social necessity found--Exception.

34A-2-25    Technology considered in determining economic justification for waste.

34A-2-26    Biennial review of decisions to allow discharge waste.

34A-2-27    Construction permits required for activities discharging wastes into water--Violation.

34A-2-28    Rules for permits to discharge wastes--Plans and specifications for disposal systems--Violation.

34A-2-29    Plans, specifications, and information required by secretary.

34A-2-30    Rules regarding permit procedure.

34A-2-31    Issuance, revocation, or denial of permits to discharge waste.

34A-2-32    Examination and approval or disapproval of plans for discharge of waste--Changes in plans.

34A-2-33    Certification of compliance with federal pollution control requirements.

34A-2-34    Rules for grant or denial of certification--Procedural requirements of rules.

34A-2-35    Public hearing on permit to discharge waste--Notice--Uncontested recommendation.

34A-2-36    Permit to discharge waste into surface waters required--Issuance--Maximum duration--Standards to be met--Violation.

34A-2-36.1    Permit to discharge waste into underground waters--Issuance--Maximum duration--Standards to be met--Violation.

34A-2-36.2    Concentrated animal feeding operation--Permit.

34A-2-36.3    Permit required for large operations.

34A-2-37    Effluent limitations enforced in issuance of permits.

34A-2-38    Limitations on volume and strength of waste discharged under permit--Specification of limitations and conditions.

34A-2-39    Schedules of compliance in permits for discharge.

34A-2-39.1    Extension of time to meet quality and effluent standards.

34A-2-40    Recording, reporting and inspection conditions in permit to discharge.

34A-2-41    Conditions in permits issued for publicly owned treatment works.

34A-2-42    Changes to be reported under permit for publicly owned treatment works.

34A-2-43    Discharges which may not be authorized by permit.

34A-2-44    Records, monitoring and reporting required on pollution sources.

34A-2-45    Inspection powers with respect to pollution sources.

34A-2-46    Right of entry on premises where pollution produced.

34A-2-47    34A-2-47. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 21.

34A-2-48    Orders to clean up material spilled--Violation.

34A-2-49    Grounds for revocation, suspension, or modification of permit.

34A-2-50    Notice of denial, revocation, suspension, or modification of permit--Hearing--Decision by secretary.

34A-2-51    Effective date of revocation, suspension, or modification of permit.

34A-2-52    Procedural requirements in dealing with violations.

34A-2-53    Notice to correct violations--Contents--Civil penalty.

34A-2-54    Hearing on violation--Notice.

34A-2-55    Time of hearing on violation--Respondent's request for change of time.

34A-2-56    Respondent's request for hearing on violation--Time of filing--Time of hearing.

34A-2-57    Procedure in hearing on violation--Venue.

34A-2-58    Parties permitted to appear and present evidence at hearing on violation.

34A-2-59    Record of hearing on violation.

34A-2-60    Board's decision and order to abate pollution--Times prescribed in order--Civil penalty for violation.

34A-2-61    34A-2-61 to 34A-2-63. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 285, §§ 25 to 27.

34A-2-64    Order not stayed by appeal--Findings required to grant stay.

34A-2-65    Judicial enforcement of order pending appeal.

34A-2-66    Legal representation of board in appeal.

34A-2-67    Appeal bond not required of state or board.

34A-2-68    Emergency order by secretary to stop pollution--Effective immediately--Preventive action by secretary--Violation.

34A-2-69    Notice of emergency order.

34A-2-70    Hearing on emergency order--Time and procedure for hearing.

34A-2-71    34A-2-71. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 285, § 31.

34A-2-71.1    Investigation of discharge polluting state waters--Responsible person.

34A-2-72    Action in circuit court for immediate restraint of pollution.

34A-2-73    Action by department to enjoin violations--Temporary injunction and restraining order.

34A-2-74    Initiation of action to recover penalties.

34A-2-75    Violations classified as misdemeanor--Criminal and civil penalties.

34A-2-76    34A-2-76. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 29.

34A-2-77    False representation or tampering with monitoring device prohibited--Violation.

34A-2-78    Alternative remedies not barred by invoking penalties.

34A-2-79    Remedies under chapter alternative to remedies under other law.

34A-2-80    34A-2-80 to 34A-2-81. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, §§ 22 to 24.

34A-2-82    Acceptance of grants for water pollution control.

34A-2-83    34A-2-83 to 34A-2-85. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 291, §§ 7 to 9.

34A-2-86    34A-2-86, 34A-2-87. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, §§ 25, 26.

34A-2-87.1    34A-2-87.1 to 34A-2-92.4. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 291, §§ 10 to 25.

34A-2-93    Promulgation of rules by board.

34A-2-94    Public availability of records and information obtained under chapter--Trade secrets exception.

34A-2-95    34A-2-95. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 165, § 59.

34A-2-96    Petroleum substances discharged into state waters--Liability for containment and recovery costs--Violation.

34A-2-97    Petroleum substances discharged into state waters--Notice to secretary required--Restriction on use of information in criminal proceeding--Violation.

34A-2-98    Underground storage tanks--Definitions.

34A-2-99    Underground storage tanks--Promulgation of rules--Violation.

34A-2-100    Above ground stationary storage tank defined.

34A-2-101    Promulgation of rules to safeguard public health and prevent water pollution--Violation.

34A-2-102    Installation of above ground stationary storage tank for storage of regulated substances prohibited--Exceptions--Violation.

34A-2-103    Statement of groundwater protection strategy--Coordination of activities.

34A-2-104    Legislative findings--Declaration of public policy.

34A-2-104.1    34A-2-104.1. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 265, § 14.

34A-2-105    Conditions requiring submission of preventative action plan--Contents--Violation.

34A-2-106    Development and administration of certain ongoing programs--Review and revision by secretary.

34A-2-107    Standards used in prioritizing groundwater prevention efforts--Other factors for consideration.

34A-2-108    Repealed.

34A-2-109    Formation of state management plans for use of fertilizers and pesticides to protect waters and prevent pollution.

34A-2-110    34A-2-110. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 237, § 13.

34A-2-111    Complaint required to be signed.

34A-2-112    General permit for category of water pollution control--Secretary issued--Terms and conditions--Suspension, revocation or modification--Violation.

34A-2-113    Procedure for issuance, suspension, revocation and renewal of permits--Hearing--Uncontested recommendation.

34A-2-114    Administration of national pollutant discharge elimination system permit program for pretreatment surface water discharge systems--Fee.

34A-2-115    Sewage sludge, toxic pollutants, and significant industrial user defined.

34A-2-116    Development of pretreatment programs for publicly owned treatment works--Assumption of local responsibilities by secretary on request.

34A-2-117    Annual fee on facilities permitted under the national pollutant discharge elimination system.

34A-2-118    Publicly-owned treatment works fee schedule.

34A-2-119    Industrial and governmental treatment works fee schedule.

34A-2-119.1    Annual stormwater fees on construction and industrial sites.

34A-2-120    Fee schedule for other entities.

34A-2-121    Establishment of surface water discharge and pretreatment administrative subfund--Source of funds--Administration--Expenditures--Unexpended funds.

34A-2-122    Owner or operator of surface water discharge or pretreatment system to pay annual fees--Application fee--Dates due.

34A-2-123    Promulgation of rules on disposal of sewage sludge.

34A-2-124    General permit for category of water pollution control--Effective period--Modification, suspension, or revocation--Violation.

34A-2-125    Fee on certain concentrated animal feeding operations--Subfund created.

34A-2-126    Administrative rules on underground injection control Class III wells and in situ leach mining tolled.