34A-5-1    Areas subject to incorporation as districts.

34A-5-2    Minimum population of district.

34A-5-3    Map of proposed district.

34A-5-4    34A-5-4. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, § 39.

34A-5-5    Survey, map, and census made available for public examination.

34A-5-6    Application for incorporation of district--Number of signatures required--Filing.

34A-5-7    Commissioners' order to incorporate district upon assent of electors--Name of district.

34A-5-8    34A-5-8 to 34A-5-10. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, §§ 43 to 45.

34A-5-11    Ballot form on question of incorporation--Majority required for approval.

34A-5-12    Canvass and return of election results--Order of county commissioners declaring incorporation.

34A-5-13    Expenditure of county funds for preliminary and election expenses--State funds.

34A-5-14    District as governmental subdivision and public body.

34A-5-14.1    Districts to be governed by board of trustees--Number of members.

34A-5-15    34A-5-15. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, § 48.

34A-5-16    Number and terms of office of district trustees--Inspectors' certificate as to persons elected.

34A-5-17    Election on increase in number of trustees.

34A-5-18    Notice of election--Separate ballots.

34A-5-19    Election of additional trustees if increase approved--Terms of office--Certification.

34A-5-20    Annual election of district officers.

34A-5-21    Nomination petitions for district trustee.

34A-5-21.1    Vacancies on board of trustees.

34A-5-21.2    Residency of district trustees.

34A-5-21.3    Published notice of vacancies--Content--Timeliness.

34A-5-22    Organization of board of trustees--President--Meetings.

34A-5-23    Expense reimbursement and compensation of trustees.

34A-5-24    Policies and regulations for business of board--Time of meetings--Quorum.

34A-5-25    Office of sanitary district--Record of proceedings.

34A-5-26    General powers of trustees.

34A-5-26.1    34A-5-26.1. Executed.

34A-5-27    Employment of personnel for district--Professional assistance.

34A-5-28    Trustees and employees not to be interested in district transactions.

34A-5-28.1    Trustee permitted to contract with district under certain conditions.

34A-5-29    Ordinances, resolutions, orders and regulations for district.

34A-5-29.1    Adoption by reference of ordinances of contracting municipality.

34A-5-29.2    Notice requirement for passage of new ordinance or resolution.

34A-5-30    Operation of sewers and disposal plants--Tax levies, assessments and bonds--Eminent domain.

34A-5-31    Proceedings governed by municipal laws--Eminent domain proceedings.

34A-5-32    Abandonment of pending condemnation action--Reconveyance to original owner on court order--Return of deposit--Retrospective operation.

34A-5-33    Sale of surplus real property held by sanitary district--Conduct of sale--Employment of agents--Offer to prior owner.

34A-5-34    Contracts with municipalities for sewage treatment and disposal.

34A-5-35    Requiring connections with sewers--Assessments and charges--Construction and inspection standards for private systems.

34A-5-36    Rates and charges for sanitary services--Measures for protection of bondholders.

34A-5-37    Rates and charges to be sufficient for operation of facilities and retirement of revenue bonds.

34A-5-38    Rates and charges for retirement of bonds in lieu of special assessment certificates--Financing of improvements.

34A-5-39    Sanitary districts not subject to certain municipal sewer system requirements.

34A-5-40    Certification of unpaid charges and tax levies--Collection with real estate taxes--Tax sales.

34A-5-41    Election on acquisition and operation of water system--Board powers on approval.

34A-5-42    Petition for annexation or exclusion of territory--Resolution of intention--Notice of hearing.

34A-5-43    Hearing and resolution to annex or exclude territory--County commissioners' approval required.

34A-5-44    Appeal to circuit court from denial of annexation or exclusion of territory--Notice, hearing and order of court.

34A-5-45    Recording of map and resolution after annexation or exclusion of territory.

34A-5-46    Formation of consolidated district authorized--Resolutions of governing bodies proposing formation.

34A-5-47    Election on formation of consolidated district--Form of ballot.

34A-5-48    Resolutions after approval of consolidated district by voters--Filing of proceedings.

34A-5-49    Property not acquired nor debts assumed by incorporation of consolidated district.

34A-5-50    Board of trustees for consolidated district.

34A-5-51    Contracts of consolidated district for purchase or use of sanitary facilities.

34A-5-52    Validation of prior proceedings of sanitary districts--Deadline for enforcing rights.

34A-5-53    Dissolution of district on voters' petition.

34A-5-54    Dissolution of district by directors' resolution on annexation to municipality--Notice and hearing--Appeal.

34A-5-54.1    Assumption of bonded indebtedness of district by municipality--Election.

34A-5-55    34A-5-55. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 165, § 108.

34A-5-56    Certified copy of budget to county auditors and secretary of revenue.