34A-6-1    34A-6-1. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 306, § 1.

34A-6-1.1    Legislative findings.

34A-6-1.2    Solid waste management policy established.

34A-6-1.3    Definition of terms.

34A-6-1.4    Unauthorized construction or operation of site or facility prohibited--Unauthorized dumping, disposal in water, burning prohibited--Exception--Penalties for violation.

34A-6-1.5    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 215, § 31.

34A-6-1.6    Promulgation of rules--Factors for consideration--Scope--Open burning.

34A-6-1.7    Groundwater monitoring system required--Exception.

34A-6-1.8    Areas addressed in application--Exception.

34A-6-1.9    Perpetual responsibility for solid waste and liability for pollution.

34A-6-1.10    Responsibility and liability of owner or operator.

34A-6-1.11    Financial assurance instrument--Condition for permit.

34A-6-1.12    Maintenance of closure and post-closure accounts--Requirements.

34A-6-1.13    Notice and opportunity for hearing--Issuance of permit--Contested cases--Grounds for denial.

34A-6-1.14    Promulgation of rules specifying procedure for permit issuance, amendment, suspension, revocation, and reinstatement--Recommendation of secretary--Notice and hearing.

34A-6-1.15    Amendment of permit--Procedure--Grounds.

34A-6-1.16    Initial validity period of permits--Renewal--Assessment of fees.

34A-6-1.17    Additional fee imposed upon disposal of certain solid waste.

34A-6-1.18    Sections not applicable.

34A-6-1.19    Requirements relating to board's inability to inspect out-of-state solid waste at point of origin--Maintenance and filing of certain records.

34A-6-1.20    Periodic inspections--On-site investigations.

34A-6-1.21    Suspension or revocation of permit--Grounds--Notice and hearing.

34A-6-1.22    Notice of violation--Contents.

34A-6-1.23    Secretary may require appearance for public hearing--Alternative procedures.

34A-6-1.24    Decision by board--Scope and content of order.

34A-6-1.25    Effect of appeal upon order.

34A-6-1.26    Issuance of emergency order--Purpose--Noncompliance.

34A-6-1.27    Hearing upon emergency order--Time and place--Procedure.

34A-6-1.28    Suit by secretary on behalf of state.

34A-6-1.29    Department may seek to enjoin threatened or actual violation--Bond unnecessary--Temporary relief available.

34A-6-1.30    34A-6-1.30. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 40.

34A-6-1.31    Operation of facility without or in violation of permit--Penalties--Civil penalty.

34A-6-1.32    34A-6-1.32. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 42.

34A-6-1.33    Exhaustion of administrative remedies not required.

34A-6-1.34    Enforcement of rules by board through permit procedures--Department as designated agency for purposes of federal laws.

34A-6-1.35    Functions of department--Delegation of duties and authority--Power to accept and administer grants and loans.

34A-6-1.36    34A-6-1.36. Omitted.

34A-6-1.37    34A-6-1.37. Omitted.

34A-6-1.38    County or municipal imposition and levy of disposal fee--Payment and collection--Distribution of shares.

34A-6-1.39    34A-6-1.39. Omitted.

34A-6-1.40    Removal of improperly disposed solid waste--Alternative means of disposal.

34A-6-2    34A-6-2 to 34A-6-16. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 306, § 1.

34A-6-17    Plans for county systems--Submission to state board.

34A-6-18    County grant of franchises--Approval by voters--Maximum period.

34A-6-19    Municipal procedure applied to counties--General election laws apply.

34A-6-20    County agreements with other political subdivisions and persons.

34A-6-21    County assumption of responsibility for wastes within municipalities.

34A-6-22    Sanitary districts and counties to have municipal rights and responsibilities.

34A-6-23    34A-6-23. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 192, § 1.

34A-6-24    Municipal grant of franchises--Maximum period.

34A-6-25    Vote required for municipal grant of franchise--General or special election--Adoption of ordinance before vote--Notice of election.

34A-6-26    Municipal agreements with other political subdivisions and persons--Maximum duration.

34A-6-27    City-county combinations to grant franchises--Approval by voters--Approval or rejection by subdivisions.

34A-6-28    Municipal procedure applied to combined city-county grants of franchises--General election laws apply--One election.

34A-6-29    Subdivision fees, charges, and license requirements--Collection of delinquent charges.

34A-6-30    34A-6-30 to 34A-6-36. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 291, §§ 26 to 32.

34A-6-37    Acceptance and disbursement of funds for solid waste or recycling facility or system.

34A-6-38    Municipal acquisition of property--Maximum duration of contract--Shares of parties to regional or county solid waste authority.

34A-6-39    Appropriations for long-term contracts.

34A-6-40    Policies and requirements for operation of system.

34A-6-41    Local standards for sites and facilities.

34A-6-42    34A-6-42 to 34A-6-49. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 306, § 1.

34A-6-50    34A-6-50. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 165, § 121.

34A-6-51    34A-6-51. Omitted.

34A-6-52    34A-6-52. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 2, § 31.

34A-6-53    Legislative approval required for large-scale solid waste facilities--Requirements--Exception.

34A-6-54    Definition of large-scale solid waste facility.

34A-6-55    Existing facilities to cease until legislative approval is obtained.

34A-6-56    Approval requirements are retroactive.

34A-6-57    34A-6-57. Rejected by referred law no 1, November 3, 1992.

34A-6-58    General permit for category of solid waste treatment, storage or disposal--Terms and conditions--Suspension, revocation or modification.

34A-6-59    Legislative findings.

34A-6-60    Legislative intent to reduce amount of solid waste disposed in landfills.

34A-6-61    Definitions.

34A-6-62    Waste reduction and recycling program established.

34A-6-63    Elements of waste reduction and recycling program.

34A-6-63.1    Policies and requirements for purchase, sale, or transfer of solid waste or by-products, recyclable materials, or scrap by local government facility or program.

34A-6-64    Disposal of tires.

34A-6-65    34A-6-65. Omitted.

34A-6-66    Waste tire stockpiling and processing facilities—Promulgation of rules.

34A-6-67    Landfill waste reduction targets--Implementation dates.

34A-6-68    Code required for rigid plastic bottle or rigid plastic container.

34A-6-69    Inspection of facilities.

34A-6-70    Solid waste evaluation.

34A-6-71    Regionalization of recycling and solid waste operations.

34A-6-72    34A-6-72. Omitted.

34A-6-73    Responsible units of governments--Evaluation of capacity.

34A-6-74    Filing of solid waste source reduction and recycling plan--Department review and aid in development--Hearings--Updating of plans.

34A-6-75    Plan required for issuance of new or renewed permit.

34A-6-76    Documentation of beginning implementation of plan required for new or renewed permit.

34A-6-77    Documentation of alternatives to landfills required for reissued or renewed permit.

34A-6-78    Certification of landfill as necessary part of alternative solid waste management required for new permit.

34A-6-79    Assistance to individuals, businesses, government with regard to solid waste management--Specifications.

34A-6-80    Educational and training programs on solid waste management--Training program audiences.

34A-6-81    Solid waste management disposal fee--Calculation.

34A-6-82    Payment of disposal fee by landfill owner--Accrual of obligation--Date due--Records.

34A-6-83    Tire solid waste management fee on motor vehicles--Collection.

34A-6-84    Payment of tire management fee by owner of motor vehicle--Date due--Exemption for United States and Indian tribe property.

34A-6-85    Deposit of fees in environment and natural resources fee fund and water and environment fund--Expenditures, grants, and loans from water and environment fund--Preferences.

34A-6-85.1    Financial assistance for statewide cleanup of waste tires.

34A-6-86    34A-6-86. Omitted.

34A-6-87    Illegal dumping penalties.

34A-6-87.1    Disposal of tire waste--Collection or processing sites--Penalties for violations.

34A-6-88    34A-6-88. Transferred to § 46A-1-83.1.

34A-6-89    Scale device required--Records--Report--Contents--Permit for longer capacity disposal.

34A-6-90    34A-6-90. Transferred to § 46A-1-83.2.

34A-6-91    Wholesaler or retailer exchange of lead acid batteries.

34A-6-92    Beverage containers, garbage bags, and plastic packaging materials--Preemption--Specially designated garbage bags.

34A-6-93    Infectious waste defined.

34A-6-93.1    Medical waste defined.

34A-6-94    Unlawful possession of infectious waste in the second degree--Violation as misdemeanor.

34A-6-95    First degree unlawful possession of infectious waste--Felony.

34A-6-96    Unlawful release of infectious waste in fourth degree.

34A-6-97    Unlawful release of infectious waste in third degree.

34A-6-98    Unlawful release of infectious waste in second degree.

34A-6-99    Unlawful release of infectious waste in first degree.

34A-6-100    Unlawful dealing in infectious waste.

34A-6-101    Court-imposed monetary penalties.

34A-6-102    Disposition of fines.

34A-6-102.1    Unlawful release of medical waste to recycling disposal destination--Misdemeanor.

34A-6-102.2    Actual knowledge of hauler or transporter required.

34A-6-103    County approval required for solid waste or medical waste transportation, storage, treatment or disposal.

34A-6-103.1    Board of commissioners' meetings required before approval of solid waste facility--Applicant to provide information--Preliminary approval--Notice--Costs of notice.

34A-6-104    Promulgation of certain rules in state solid waste programs.

34A-6-105    Big Stone power plant approved.

34A-6-106    Sioux Falls/Regional Sanitary Landfill approved.

34A-6-107    Purchase of certain beer kegs by recycler, scrap metal dealer, or scrap yard operator prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

34A-6-108    Definition of terms.

34A-6-109    Scrap metal business--Recordkeeping requirements.

34A-6-109.1    Purchases to be made by check or electronic funds transfer.

34A-6-109.2    Purchase of catalytic converters--Limitations.

34A-6-110    Scrap metal business records open to inspection by law enforcement officers.

34A-6-111    Copies of scrap metal business records--Report of lost or stolen nonferrous metal property.

34A-6-112    Hold on nonferrous metal item suspected to be lost or stolen.

34A-6-113    Disposal of certain oil and gas field liquid wastes prohibited.

34A-6-114    Disposal of certain radionuclides at solid waste facility prohibited.