34A-8-1    Definition of terms.

34A-8-2    Investigation of wildlife by secretary--Information developed.

34A-8-3    Lists of endangered and threatened species promulgated--Basis for determination.

34A-8-4    Biennial review of lists of endangered and threatened species--Amendments.

34A-8-5    Lists of endangered or threatened species--Add or remove species.

34A-8-6    Departments to manage, protect, and restore endangered and threatened species.

34A-8-7    Programs and agreements for management of endangered species--Prairie dog control on private lands.

34A-8-8    Permitting capture of endangered and threatened species--Authorized purposes.

34A-8-9    Possession, transportation and sale of endangered and threatened species prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

34A-8-10    Importation, possession, sale, or purchase of endangered or threatened species under permit, license, or other documentation--Violation as misdemeanor.

34A-8-11    Permits for capture or destruction of, wildlife to protect life or property--Violation of permit--Emergency protection of human life.

34A-8-12    34A-8-12. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 50.

34A-8-13    Legislative approval required for reintroduction of species.