36-11A-1    Definitions.

36-11A-1.1    Trading partner defined.

36-11A-1.2    Transaction defined.

36-11A-1.3    Transaction information defined.

36-11A-1.4    Transaction statement defined.

36-11A-2    Distribution defined.

36-11A-3    36-11A-3. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 215, § 29.

36-11A-4    Pharmacy distributor defined.

36-11A-4.1    License required for wholesale distributors, outsourcing facilities, and third-party logistics providers.

36-11A-4.2    Prior registration and inspection by FDA required for certain outsourcing facilities.

36-11A-5    Purchase of drug from other source restricted--Penalty.

36-11A-6    Drug sample or drug coupon--Sale, purchase, trade or counterfeit prohibited--Distribution restricted--Penalty.

36-11A-7    Wholesale distribution without license prohibited--License unnecessary for agent or employee of licensed distributor--Violation as felony.

36-11A-8    Application for license.

36-11A-9    Separate license required for each facility owned or operated by same business entity.

36-11A-10    Temporary licenses.

36-11A-11    Out-of-state distributor--License--Application--Violation as felony.

36-11A-12    Approval or denial of application or renewal--Appeal.

36-11A-13    Expiration and renewal of license.

36-11A-14    Promulgation of rules.

36-11A-15    36-11A-15. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 174, § 13.

36-11A-16    Inspection--Exemption--Penalty.

36-11A-17    Records--Availability.

36-11A-18    Limitations on state board of pharmacy.

36-11A-19    Complaints--Procedure.

36-11A-20    Authorized distributor of record defined.

36-11A-21    Drop shipment defined.

36-11A-22    Manufacturer's exclusive distributor defined.

36-11A-23    Normal distribution channel defined.

36-11A-24    Third party logistics provider defined.

36-11A-25    Wholesale distributor defined.

36-11A-26    36-11A-26. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 174, § 18.

36-11A-27    Wholesale distributor license required--Exemptions.

36-11A-28    Information to be provided by applicants.

36-11A-29    Inspection of facility--Qualifications of designated representative.

36-11A-30    Criminal record check.

36-11A-31    Bond or other security required--Purpose--Exemption--License required for each facility.

36-11A-32    Changes or corrections to required information--Suspension or revocation of license.

36-11A-33    Continuing training of designated representative--Confidentiality of information.

36-11A-34    Returns or exchanges of prescription drugs.

36-11A-35    Verification that entity to which prescription drugs are to be furnished is licensed.

36-11A-36    Delivery of prescription drugs only to licensed premises--Exception.

36-11A-37    Receipt to be signed by authorized hospital pharmacy receiving personnel--Reporting of discrepancies.

36-11A-38    Accounts for purchase of prescription drugs.

36-11A-39    36-11A-39, 36-11A-40. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 174, §§ 21, 22.

36-11A-41    Confirmation of receipt of transaction information, transaction history, and transaction statement.

36-11A-42    36-11A-42, 36-11A-43. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 174, §§ 24, 25.

36-11A-44    Retention of transaction files--Inspection.

36-11A-45    Cease and desist order for violation--Hearing.

36-11A-46    Prohibited acts--Misdemeanor or felony.