36-15-50. Temporary license issued on completion of apprenticeship--Duration of license.

Any person who successfully completes the term of apprenticeship pursuant to this chapter may apply to the commission for a temporary license which will authorize the applicant to perform all the practices of a regularly licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician, as applicable. The temporary license application shall be accompanied with:

(1)    Evidence satisfactory to the commission that the applicant possesses the qualifications required pursuant to § 36-15-15;

(2)    Evidence satisfactory to the commission that the apprenticeship period has been completed;

(3)    The fee for a temporary license as provided in this chapter; and

(4)    The application and fee for the cosmetologist or nail technician examination, as applicable.

A temporary license issued by the commission is valid until the date of the next scheduled examination in cosmetology, esthetics, or nail technology, as applicable. If the holder of a temporary license takes the applicable examination at that time, the commission shall extend the temporary license until the result of the examination is mailed to the person. If a person is not excused from the examination by the commission or fails the examination, the temporary license is invalid and may not be extended or reissued.

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