36-18A-1    Definition of terms.

36-18A-1.1    Inactive licensee defined.

36-18A-2    Practice of architecture defined.

36-18A-3    Practice of engineering, design coordination, and engineering studies defined.

36-18A-4    Practice of land surveying defined.

36-18A-5    Practice of landscape architecture defined.

36-18A-6    Practice of petroleum release assessment defined.

36-18A-7    Practice of petroleum release remediation defined.

36-18A-8    License required to practice professions enumerated in chapter.

36-18A-9    Certain persons exempt from provisions of chapter.

36-18A-10    Building consisting of more than one type of occupancy--Limitations for each type.

36-18A-11    Design-build services by contractor.

36-18A-12    Certain services performed by authorized petroleum release business exempt.

36-18A-13    Incidental cross-practice by architects and engineers.

36-18A-14    Board of Technical Professions created--Certificate of appointment--Oath of office--Number and terms of members--Composition.

36-18A-15    Board member qualifications.

36-18A-16    Immunity of board members--Attorney general to represent board.

36-18A-17    Removal of board member--Filling of vacancies.

36-18A-18    Board to elect officers--Meetings--Quorum--Inclusion in blanket bond.

36-18A-19    Accounting for moneys received--Disbursement of funds--Vouchers and warrants.

36-18A-20    Employment of counsel and assistance in enforcement.

36-18A-21    Employment of executive director and staff--Offices.

36-18A-22    Board to promulgate rules--Scope of rules--Existing rules remain in effect.

36-18A-23    Board continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Retains functions of previous commission.

36-18A-24    Record and report policy.

36-18A-25    Engineering intern--Qualifications.

36-18A-26    Professional engineer licensure qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-27    Architect licensure qualifications--Certification by National Council of Architectural Registration Boards in lieu of qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-28    Land surveying intern qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-29    Land surveyor qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-30    Landscape architect qualifications--Certification by Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards in lieu of qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-31    Petroleum release assessor or remediator--Qualifications--Board to establish criteria.

36-18A-32    Oral interview--Failure to provide information as grounds for disciplinary action--Interpretation of experience and education.

36-18A-33    Examination requirements--Fees.

36-18A-34    Notice of results--Reexamination--Fees.

36-18A-35    Licensure--Comity consideration--Promulgation of Rules--Fee.

36-18A-36    License issued to successful applicant.

36-18A-37    Display of license in place of business--Replacement license.

36-18A-38    Practice permitted recipient of license--Use of titles--License as evidence.

36-18A-39    Expiration and biennial renewal of licenses--Continuing professional education.

36-18A-40    Failure to complete continuing professional development requirements as grounds for nonrenewal--Inactive or retired status.

36-18A-41    Advance notice by board of expiration of license, professional development requirements, and fees.

36-18A-42    Reinstatement of expired license or request for inactive status--Time limits--Requirements for reinstatement.

36-18A-43    Request for inactive or retired status--Fee.

36-18A-44    Seal of licensees--Contents--Signature--Certain persons prohibited from using seal.

36-18A-45    Seal, signature, and date as certification that work done by licensee--Documents on which seal required.

36-18A-45.1    Digital signatures.

36-18A-46    Construction administration services to be provided by architect or engineer.

36-18A-46.1    Completion of work--Successor licensee--Nonprofessional services.

36-18A-47    Firm or office to have appropriately licensed person in charge.

36-18A-48    Business entity must obtain certificate of authorization--Responsibility for acts of individuals.

36-18A-49    Application for certificate of authorization--Contents.

36-18A-50    Issuance of certificate of authorization--Certificate not transferable--Exempt business.

36-18A-51    Business to report changes in information supplied on application--Time limit.

36-18A-52    General provisions applicable to business entities.

36-18A-53    Employee not responsible for corporate violations--Exception.

36-18A-54    Board inquiries and investigation of violations--Report and prosecution.

36-18A-55    Board authorized to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses--Court order to compel compliance.

36-18A-56    Proof of injury not necessary for board action on certain violations.

36-18A-57    Disciplinary remedies available to board.

36-18A-58    Additional remedies.

36-18A-59    Proceedings for revocation or suspension of license.

36-18A-60    Findings and actions of board subject to appeal.

36-18A-61    Civil remedies available to board.

36-18A-62    Service of cease and desist order.

36-18A-63    Report issued after hearing--Further order.

36-18A-64    Order becomes final if no hearing requested--Other remedies not precluded.

36-18A-65    Prohibited acts--Violation as Class 2 misdemeanor.

36-18A-66    Prohibited acts--Repeated violation as Class 1 misdemeanor.

36-18A-67    Fee to reimburse board for costs.

36-18A-68    Limitation on liability of licensed professionals--Exception.

36-18A-69    Contracts in violation unenforceable.

36-18A-70    Plans, specifications, plats and submissions in violation unacceptable.

36-18A-71    Register of deeds not to record land survey documents which do not contain signature, seal and date.

36-18A-72    Board to establish procedures and standards for certification of environmental technical services.

36-18A-73    Certification required for environmental technical services--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-18A-74    Continuation of licenses and enrollments issued under chapter 36-18.

36-18A-75    Certain activities of golf course designers authorized--"Golf course designer" defined.

36-18A-76    Limitation on liability of architects and engineers related to services provided upon request of official following disaster or catastrophic event.