36-19-1. Definitions.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Board," the State Board of Funeral Service;

(2)    "Branch chapel," a separate facility with a visitation room or chapel, in which no embalming is permitted, and which is owned by, a subsidiary of, or otherwise financially connected to or controlled by a licensed funeral establishment;

(3)    "Funeral director," any person engaged in or holding out as being engaged in:

(a)    Conducting funeral services and burials of casketed remains;

(b)    Disinfecting and preserving dead human bodies; or

(c)    Cremating human remains;

(4)    "Funeral establishment," a business, at a physical location, devoted to caring for and preparing dead human bodies for burial or transportation;

(5)    "Trainee," any person who has registered with the board and is engaged in training to provide funeral services.

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