36-19-2. State Board of Funeral Service--Terms--Vacancies.

The State Board of Funeral Service consists of five members appointed by the Governor.

Four members must be persons who have been licensed to practice funeral service for at least five years and are currently licensed in accordance with this chapter. One member must be a representative of the public who is not associated with or financially interested in the provision of funeral services and is not a member of a related profession or a practitioner of a related occupation.

The term of office is three years. In the event of a vacancy, the Governor shall appoint a new member to fill the unexpired term.

A board member may not serve more than three consecutive full terms. An appointment to fill an unexpired term is not considered to be a full term.

Each term of office begins on October thirty-first.

The secretary of health or the secretary's designee shall serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the board.

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