36-21A-1    Definitions.

36-21A-2    Advertisement and advertising defined.

36-21A-3    Appraisal or evaluation defined.

36-21A-4    36-21A-4. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 4.

36-21A-5    Association defined.

36-21A-6    Real estate broker and broker defined.

36-21A-7    Moral turpitude defined.

36-21A-8    36-21A-8. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 275, § 3.

36-21A-9    Inactive license defined.

36-21A-10    Property manager defined.

36-21A-11    Real estate and realty defined.

36-21A-12    Real estate salesperson defined.

36-21A-12.1    Residential rental agent defined--Promulgation of rules for licensing requirements.

36-21A-12.2    Broker price opinion and comparative market analysis defined.

36-21A-13    Real estate commission created--Composition.

36-21A-14    Terms of commission members--Vacancies.

36-21A-15    Quorum of commission.

36-21A-16    Commission continued within Department of Labor and Regulation--Records and reports.

36-21A-17    Seal of commission.

36-21A-18    Executive director--Duties.

36-21A-19    Employment of personnel.

36-21A-20    Office of executive director--Records and property maintained.

36-21A-21    Meetings of commission.

36-21A-22    Filing or notice to the commission--Date of filing or notice.

36-21A-23    Compensation and expenses of commission members.

36-21A-24    Real estate courses and institutes conducted by commission.

36-21A-25    Assistance provided to libraries, licensees, institutes and foundations.

36-21A-26    List of licensees and other information to be available.

36-21A-27    Licensees not qualified for exceptions.

36-21A-28    Active license required for certain acts.

36-21A-29    Persons and entities exempt from licensure.

36-21A-30    Reputation, age, competence, and citizenship required for license--Prior rejection or revocation of license.

36-21A-30.1    Education requirement for broker associate license applicants.

36-21A-30.2    Education requirements for initial licensure as broker associate.

36-21A-31    Responsible broker's license--Experience and education required.

36-21A-32    Waiver of experience requirement on responsible broker applicant's refusal to associate--Relocation or acceptance of unfair contract not required.

36-21A-33    Denial of application--Reasons.

36-21A-34    36-21A-34. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 180, § 5.

36-21A-34.1    Requirements for upgrade to broker associate license.

36-21A-34.2    36-21A-34.2. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 13.

36-21A-35    Application for license--Contents--Oath or affirmation.

36-21A-36    Written examination--Time and place--Contents.

36-21A-36.1    Application for license--Time limit.

36-21A-37    License required for real estate firm.

36-21A-38    Responsible broker to represent corporation, limited liability company, partnership or association and sign application--Termination of affiliation--Fee.

36-21A-39    Dissolution of corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or association--Notification.

36-21A-40    36-21A-40. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 180, § 5.

36-21A-41    Qualification by examination required.

36-21A-42    36-21A-42. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 208, § 1.

36-21A-43    Examination reciprocity with other states.

36-21A-44    Issuance of license to successful applicant--Association with broker--Authority to conduct business.

36-21A-45    36-21A-45. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 16.

36-21A-46    36-21A-46. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 180, § 6.

36-21A-46.1    Responsible broker, salesperson, or broker associate permitted to form certain business entities--Conditions.

36-21A-47    Restricted broker's license--Issuance--Termination and prosecution--Promulgation of rules.

36-21A-48    Exemption from property manager's license for operators of state and federal housing units.

36-21A-49    Application fee for individual licensure.

36-21A-50    Conditions for issuing of license or reinstatement after revocation or suspension.

36-21A-51    36-21A-51. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 20.

36-21A-52    Registration of place of business--Change of location.

36-21A-53    Branch office name.

36-21A-54    Reciprocal privileges extended to nonresident licensees--Licensees from states not granting full reciprocity.

36-21A-55    Transaction of business subjects nonresidents to personal jurisdiction--Service of process--Delivery of copy of process or pleading to executive director.

36-21A-56    Written notice of change of association--Statement of registration--Salesman placed on inactive status.

36-21A-57    36-21A-57. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 21.

36-21A-58    Renewal of license by salesperson or broker associate not associated with responsible broker--Restrictions on inactive salesperson or broker associate.

36-21A-59    36-21A-59. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 22.

36-21A-60    Additional fees.

36-21A-61    Biennial registration--Cancellation upon failure to register.

36-21A-62    Biennial proof by licensees of continuing education--Persons exempt.

36-21A-63    Approved courses for continuing education--List maintained--Standards.

36-21A-64    License inactive until proof of continuing education provided.

36-21A-65    Exceptions to continuing education requirements.

36-21A-66    Late renewal application--Fee.

36-21A-67    Licensees entering United States armed forces--Application for reinstatement--Timing and requirements--Waiver of continuing education.

36-21A-68    Grounds for revocation of license--Criminal prosecution--Setting minimum fees not impaired--Suspension, reprimand, and monetary penalties.

36-21A-69    36-21A-69. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 27.

36-21A-69.1    Responsible broker to surrender associate licenses.

36-21A-70    Revocation or suspension of firm license following discipline of responsible broker.

36-21A-71    Acts constituting unprofessional conduct.

36-21A-72    Restrictions on licensee advertising.

36-21A-73    36-21A-73. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 229, § 28.

36-21A-74    Preservation of records.

36-21A-75    Closing statements to be furnished by brokers.

36-21A-76    Co-brokerage transaction--Money held in broker's trust account.

36-21A-77    Purchaser deposits in unconsummated transactions.

36-21A-78    Substantiation of information in listing agreement--Latent defects.

36-21A-79    Broker's responsibility for activities of affiliated licensees.

36-21A-80    Handling of money received by broker for principal.

36-21A-81    Disbursement pursuant to written agreement of trust funds where purchase agreement does not close.

36-21A-82    Deposit slip and ledger sheet for special trust account--Records maintained--Notice to commission as to financial institution and name of account.

36-21A-83    Records kept by broker remitting immediately to principal.

36-21A-84    Completed transaction required for compensation of broker--Promulgation of rules for exceptions.

36-21A-85    36-21A-85. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 229, § 29.

36-21A-86    Procedure on revocation of license--Appeal.

36-21A-87    Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.

36-21A-88    Action for compensation of unlicensed persons prohibited.

36-21A-89    Administration and enforcement of chapter--Promulgation of rules.

36-21A-89.1    36-21A-89.1. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 230, § 3.

36-21A-90    Promulgation of rules establishing uniform standards of professional appraisal practice.

36-21A-91    Actions for injunction--Attorney fees and costs.

36-21A-92    36-21A-92. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 177, § 33.

36-21A-93    Application for subdivision certificate--Fee--Contents--Additional information.

36-21A-94    Proof by subdivider of ability to provide promised public improvements--Security.

36-21A-95    Investigation of application and inspection of out-of-state real estate--Expenses borne by applicant.

36-21A-96    Designation of executive director of commission as agent for service of process.

36-21A-97    Issuance of certificate--Annual fee--Cancellation or renewal of certificate--Investigation.

36-21A-98    Recording of instrument conveying interest in subdivision.

36-21A-99    Cease and desist orders to prevent subdivision sales provisions violations.

36-21A-100    Contracts violating subdivision sale provisions void and unenforceable--Recovery of money paid plus interest.

36-21A-101    Establishment of real estate recovery fund--Purpose.

36-21A-102    Minimum balance in recovery fund--Separate fee payable to restore minimum balance.

36-21A-103    Notice to commission of claims against recovery fund--Intervention by commission.

36-21A-104    Application by unsatisfied judgment creditor for payment of loss from recovery fund--Maximum payment--Service on commission and judgment debtor--Hearing on application for payment--Continuances.

36-21A-105    Facts to be shown at hearing by applicant for payment from recovery fund.

36-21A-106    False statement in proceedings against recovery fund as perjury.

36-21A-107    Burden of proof as to fraud or conversion--Presumption when original action was contested by debtor.

36-21A-108    Defense by commission of action against recovery fund--Motion for dismissal--Compromise.

36-21A-109    Defense by judgment debtor in action against recovery fund.

36-21A-110    Payment from recovery fund ordered only on valid cause of action--Prior judgment only prima facie evidence.

36-21A-111    Order for payment from recovery fund.

36-21A-112    Maximum liability of fund for acts of one licensee.

36-21A-113    Deferred payment of authorized claim--Interest.

36-21A-114    Suspension of license when payment from fund authorized--Repayment to fund required for reinstatement.

36-21A-115    Subrogation of fund to rights under judgment paid--Assignment.

36-21A-116    Other disciplinary powers unimpaired--Effect of repayment to fund.

36-21A-117    36-21A-117, 36-21A-118. Transferred to §§ 36-21B-3, 36-21B-7.

36-21A-119    Errors and omissions insurance required of salesmen and brokers.

36-21A-120    Group insurance coverage authorized--Independent errors and omissions coverage.

36-21A-121    Commission to determine conditions of errors and omissions coverage.

36-21A-122    Notice of terms and conditions of errors and omissions--Certificate of coverage.

36-21A-123    36-21A-123. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 209, § 1.

36-21A-124    Employment status--Independent contractor.

36-21A-125    Adverse material fact defined.

36-21A-126    Brokerage defined.

36-21A-127    Confidential information defined.

36-21A-128    Informative acts that do not constitute representation.

36-21A-129    Substantive contact defined.

36-21A-130    Agency agreements--Requirements.

36-21A-131    Licensee--Limited relationships.

36-21A-132    Duties and obligations of licensee representing seller or landlord.

36-21A-133    Disclosure of client information by seller's or landlord's agent.

36-21A-134    Seller's agent has no fiduciary duty to customer.

36-21A-134.1    No duty to disclose sex offender information.

36-21A-135    Seller's agent may show other properties.

36-21A-136    Duties and obligations of licensee representing buyer or tenant.

36-21A-137    Buyer's or tenant's agent not to disclose certain information without written authority--Exceptions.

36-21A-138    Buyer's agent has no fiduciary duty to customer.

36-21A-138.1    No duty to volunteer sex offender information--Actual knowledge must be disclosed upon inquiry.

36-21A-139    Buyer's agent may show property to competing clients.

36-21A-140    Licensee as limited agent--Written consent of all parties required--Duties and obligations.

36-21A-141    Certain information not to be disclosed by limited agent without written consent.

36-21A-141.1    Appointment of licensee to act as appointed agent of client to exclusion of other licensees--Limited agent--Information--Rules.

36-21A-142    Limited agent not to disclose certain information about one client to another without written authority--Exceptions.

36-21A-143    Subagency defined.

36-21A-144    Transaction broker--Duties and obligations.

36-21A-145    Transaction broker not responsible for--Independent inspections--Statements by seller--Finances.

36-21A-146    Certain information not to be disclosed by transaction broker without written consent.

36-21A-147    Office policies--Relationships--Written disclosure.

36-21A-148    Client, licensee not liable for misrepresentation made by the other--Exception.

36-21A-149    Duties under common law.

36-21A-150    Duties of broker or licensee after transaction finished.

36-21A-151    Applicants and licensees under disciplinary investigation--Criminal background check.