36-21C-1    Definition of terms.

36-21C-2    Commission to license or register home inspectors.

36-21C-3    Home inspectors to be licensed or registered--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-21C-4    Application for license--Requirements.

36-21C-5    Application for registration--Requirements.

36-21C-6    Promulgation of rules for licensing and registration.

36-21C-7    Exceptions to home inspector licensing requirements.

36-21C-8    Issuing of license to persons licensed elsewhere.

36-21C-9    Initial provisions for licensing experienced home inspectors.

36-21C-10    Expiration and renewal of license or registration--Applications--Penalty for late filing.

36-21C-11    Suspension, revocation, reprimand, or fine for violation of chapter.

36-21C-12    Fees and fines paid to commission fund.

36-21C-13    Grounds for refusing, suspending or revoking license or registration.

36-21C-14    Applicants and licensees under disciplinary investigation--Criminal background check.