36-24-17.2. Qualifications for licensure--Hearing aid dispenser.

To be eligible for a license to practice hearing aid dispensing, a person must:

(1)    Submit an application on a form prescribed by the board;

(2)    Submit an application fee, in an amount established by the board in rule promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, but not exceeding three hundred fifty dollars;

(3)    Be eighteen years of age or older;

(4)    Be a high school graduate or the equivalent;

(5)    Pass a national examination approved by the board;

(6)    Pass a practicum examination approved by the board; and

(7)    Have not committed an act for which disciplinary action may be justified.

Source: SL 1997, ch 221, § 25; SL 2024, ch 159, § 12.