36-24-29.2. Suspended license--Revoked license--Probation--Promulgation of rule.

A suspended license is subject to expiration and may be renewed as provided in this chapter, but such renewal does not entitle the licensee, while the license remains suspended and until the license is reinstated, to engage in the licensed activity or in any other conduct or activity in violation of the order of judgment by which the license was suspended.

If, after disciplinary action, a license is reinstated after its expiration, the licensee, as a condition of reinstatement, must pay a reinstatement fee equal to the renewal fee in effect on the last regular renewal date immediately preceding the date of reinstatement, plus any late fee set by the board by rule, promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, not to exceed one hundred dollars. A licensee who seeks to reinstate a license after disciplinary action must apply to the board.

If a licensee is placed on probation, the board may require the license holder to:

(1)    Report regularly to the board on matters that are the basis of the probation;

(2)    Limit practice to areas prescribed by the board; or

(3)    Order or review continuing education until the licensee attains a degree of skill satisfactory to the board in those areas that are the basis of the probation.

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