36-24-39.2. Disciplinary actions.

Any person licensed under this chapter is subject to the disciplinary actions of this section. Disciplinary actions are subject to contested case procedure in chapter 1-26. The board may impose, separately or in combination, any of the following disciplinary actions:

(1)    Refuse to issue or renew a license;

(2)    Issue a letter of reprimand or concern;

(3)    Require the licensee to reimburse the board for the costs of an investigation and proceedings;

(4)    Impose probationary conditions;

(5)    Suspend or revoke a license;

(6)    Impose practice or supervision requirements, or both; or

(7)    Require the licensee to attend continuing education programs specified by the board.

Source: SL 1997, ch 221, § 50; SL 2024, ch 159, § 24.