36-25-19. Application for license--Examination--Fees.

A person may apply for a license required by this chapter to the commission, accompanied by a license fee established by the commission under this section. If the person is not entitled to a renewal, the commission shall register a person who satisfactorily passes an examination showing fitness to practice the person's trade. Examinations may be held in conjunction with any quarterly meeting of the commission.

The commission shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, to establish examination and reexamination fees, and license and renewal of license fees for: plumbing contractor, plumber, water conditioning contractor, water conditioning installer, appliance contractor, appliance installer, sewer and water contractor, sewer and water installer, manufactured and mobile home contractor, manufactured and mobile home installer, underground irrigation contractor, underground irrigation installer, and individual and small on-site wastewater system installer.

No fee established under this section for an examination or reexamination may exceed one hundred dollars. No fee established under this section for a license or renewal of license may exceed three hundred dollars.

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