36-27A-1    Definitions.

36-27A-2    Exempt persons.

36-27A-3    Board of examiners-Number of members--Qualifications--Appointment.

36-27A-4    36-27A-4, 36-27A-5. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 199, §§ 64, 65.

36-27A-6    Terms of board members.

36-27A-7    Removal of board members--Vacancies--Limitation of successive terms.

36-27A-8    Meetings of board--Election of officers--Records of meetings.

36-27A-9    Board within Department of Social Services--Department providing administrative functions--Expenses--Reports.

36-27A-10    Representations as psychologist restricted.

36-27A-11    License of another state.

36-27A-12    Qualifications for license.

36-27A-12.1    Provisional license.

36-27A-13    Exemption from doctoral degree requirement.

36-27A-14    Exemption from examination requirement.

36-27A-15    Exemption from internship requirement.

36-27A-16    Residence requirement for exemptions.

36-27A-17    American Board of Professional Psychology diploma--Exemption from license requirement.

36-27A-18    Demonstration of competence required--Variation by board.

36-27A-19    Fee for application.

36-27A-20    Reexamination after failure to pass--Additional fee.

36-27A-21    Application for license--Forms--Verification--Fee--Supporting evidence.

36-27A-22    Examinations--Time and place--Type.

36-27A-22.1    Fee for initial licensure.

36-27A-23    License contents--Signature--Seal--Display.

36-27A-23.1    Certain healing arts practitioners to participate in alternate health care delivery systems.

36-27A-24    Renewal of license--Fee--Forfeiture--Restoration.

36-27A-25    Code of ethics.

36-27A-26    Continuing education required--Records--Reports.

36-27A-27    Recommendations of civil action against violations.

36-27A-28    Revocation or suspension of license--Grounds.

36-27A-29    Proceedings for suspension or revocation--Reissuance.

36-27A-29.1    Special fee to pay for cost of disciplinary actions.

36-27A-30    Majority vote required for suspension or revocation.

36-27A-31    Appeals from board action.

36-27A-32    Reinstatement of license--Procedure.

36-27A-33    Enjoining or restraining violations.

36-27A-34    Investigation and prosecution of violations.

36-27A-34.1    Dismissal of frivolous or unfounded complaint--Complaint may be expunged from licensee's record.

36-27A-35    Record of licensees maintained--Certified copies as evidence--Fee for copies.

36-27A-36    Compensation of board members.

36-27A-37    Disposition of receipts by board--Special account--Appropriation--Limitation of expenses.

36-27A-38    Confidentiality of psychologist-patient relationship and communications.

36-27A-39    Immunity from liability of board members, agents and witnesses.

36-27A-40    Limited liability of members of board or professional society for actions taken to maintain standards--Professional society defined--Official immunity unaffected.