36-29-18. Grounds for license revocation, suspension, or cancellation.

The board may revoke, suspend, or cancel the license of an athletic trainer upon any one of these grounds:

(1)    The athletic trainer is guilty of fraud in the practice of athletic training or fraud or deceit in the athletic trainer's admission to the practice of athletic training;

(2)    The athletic trainer has been convicted of a felony during the past five years. The conviction of a felony is the conviction of any offense, which if committed within this state would constitute a felony under its laws;

(3)    The athletic trainer is engaged in the practice of athletic training under a false or assumed name and has not registered that name pursuant to chapter 37-11, or is impersonating another practitioner of a like or different name;

(4)    The athletic trainer is addicted to the habitual use of intoxicating liquors, narcotics, or stimulants to the extent as to incapacitate the athletic trainer from the performance of the athletic trainer's professional duties;

(5)    The physical or mental condition of the athletic trainer is determined by a medical examiner to be such as to jeopardize or endanger those who seek relief from the athletic trainer. A majority of the board may demand an examination of the athletic trainer by a competent medical examiner selected by the board at the board's expense. If the athletic trainer fails to submit to the examination, this constitutes immediate grounds for suspension of the license;

(6)    The athletic trainer obtains or attempts to obtain a license or renewal thereof by bribery or fraudulent representation; or

(7)    The athletic trainer has violated any provision of this chapter or the rules promulgated pursuant to this chapter.

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