36-29-1    Definitions.

36-29-2    Unlicensed practice as misdemeanor--Exemptions.

36-29-3    Qualifications for license--Issuance.

36-29-3.1    Temporary permit--Requirements--Restrictions.

36-29-4    Practice of medicine not authorized--Licensees exempt.

36-29-5    Exemptions from examination.

36-29-6    Fees for determination of applicant's fitness.

36-29-7    Physical examination of applicant--Grounds for requiring--Cost--Denial of license.

36-29-8    Athletic training committee--Appointment--Terms--Duties.

36-29-9    Frequency of examinations--Place.

36-29-10    Reexaminations.

36-29-11    Expiration of license--Renewal--Fee.

36-29-12    Display of license.

36-29-13    Publication of list of licensees.

36-29-14    Continuing education requirements--Waiver.

36-29-15    Forfeiture of license by failure to renew--Restoration--Limitation--Continuing education.

36-29-16    36-29-16. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 204, § 4.

36-29-17    Rules and regulations--Practice standards.

36-29-18    Grounds for revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license.

36-29-19    Initiation of proceedings to cancel, suspend, or revoke license.

36-29-20    Majority of board required to cancel, suspend, revoke, or reissue license.

36-29-21    Procedure to cancel, suspend, or revoke license.

36-29-22    Appeal from board action concerning refusal, cancellation, suspension, or revocation of license.

36-29-23    Reinstatement or reissuance of license canceled, suspended or revoked.

36-29-24    Records of licensees maintained--Certified transcript as evidence--Copies furnished--Fee.

36-29-25    Enforcement duties of board.

36-29-26    Investigation and report of violations.

36-29-27    Injunction against violation--Alternate to criminal prosecution.

36-29-28    Violation as misdemeanor.

36-29-29    Expenses of board limited.

36-29-30    Practicing athletic trainers--Qualifications for license--Limitation on application.