36-31-1    Definition of terms.

36-31-2    Occupational therapy council--Appointment--Terms--Meetings--Duties--Board communication.

36-31-3    Practice or representation as occupational therapist by unlicensed person as misdemeanor.

36-31-4    Certain activities not proscribed or restricted.

36-31-5    Limited permit--Duration--Renewal.

36-31-6    Application for licensure--Requirements.

36-31-6.1    Application for licensure--Criminal background check requirement.

36-31-7    Waiver of education requirements.

36-31-8    Additional waiver provisions.

36-31-9    Requirements for foreign-trained occupational therapists or assistants.

36-31-10    Issuance of license upon payment of fee.

36-31-11    Expiration of license--Renewal--Fee--Restoration of forfeited license--Time limit--Continuing competency requirements.

36-31-12    Fees.

36-31-13    Promulgation of rules.

36-31-14    Grounds for revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license.

36-31-15    Initiation of license cancellation, revocation, or suspension proceedings.

36-31-16    Majority of board members to be present at license cancellation, revocation, suspension, or reissuance proceedings--When majority vote required.

36-31-17    Applicability of chapter 1-26.

36-31-18    Appeal from decision of board.

36-31-19    When license may be reissued or reinstated--Provision for automatic reinstatement.

36-31-20    Maintenance of record book--Admissibility of records and licenses in evidence--Copies of records to be furnished on request--Fee.

36-31-21    Additional duties of board--Criminal prosecutions--Civil actions.

36-31-22    Investigation and report of violations.

36-31-23    Action for injunction--Injunction as alternative to criminal proceedings--Election.

36-31-24    Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.

36-31-25    Limit on board expenditures.