36-34-1    Definitions.

36-34-2    Board of Addiction and Prevention Professionals--Membership.

36-34-3    Appointment of board members--Terms.

36-34-4    Removal of member by Governor--Vacancy.

36-34-5    Meetings of board--Election of officers.

36-34-6    Minutes of board meetings.

36-34-7    Quorum--Majority vote.

36-34-8    Board within Department of Social Services--Functions--Report.

36-34-9    Acceptance, deposit, and use of funds--Continuous appropriation.

36-34-10    Compensation of board members.

36-34-11    Immunity of board and agents from personal liability.

36-34-12    Duties of board.

36-34-13    Promulgation of rules--Fees--Maximums.

36-34-13.1    Certification and licensure requirements.

36-34-13.2    Disclosure of information--Felony or certain crimes--Conviction or plea--Grant of license notwithstanding.

36-34-13.3    Renewal of certificate or license.

36-34-13.4    Display of certificate or license.

36-34-13.5    Certification in another state.

36-34-13.6    Physical or mental examination--Hearing--Application denial.

36-34-13.7    Inactive certificate or license--Reactivation--Expiration--Retired status.

36-34-13.8    Expired license--Reactivation by board.

36-34-13.9    Counseling by electronic means--Compliance.

36-34-14    36-34-14, 36-34-15. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 183, §§ 12, 13.

36-34-16    Enforcement--Injunction--Hearing.

36-34-17    Employment of attorney.

36-34-18    Complaints--Investigation--Disciplinary proceedings--Evidence not subject to discovery or disclosure--Testimony.

36-34-19    Repealed.

36-34-20    Repealed.

36-34-21    Grounds for disciplinary sanctions--Hearing--Notice.

36-34-22    Physical or mental examination--Summary revocation procedures on failure to comply.

36-34-23    Sanctions--Withdrawal of probation--Certification or licensure during appeal.

36-34-24    Summary suspension--Hearing--Appeal.

36-34-25    Reinstatement or new recognition, certification, or license--Costs of suspension or revocation.

36-34-26    Allegations--Burden of proof.

36-34-27    Application of chapter to ongoing recognition, certification, or licensure.