36-37-20. Supervision of speech-language pathology assistant.

A speech-language pathology assistant must be supervised by a speech-language pathologist, or a speech-language pathologist with a limited license, who has at least two years of experience. Any time licensed as a provisional speech-language pathologist counts toward the two-year experience requirement. The supervising speech-language pathologist:

(1)    Is responsible for the extent, kind, and quality of service provided by the assistant, consistent with the board's designated standards and requirements;

(2)    Shall ensure that persons receiving services from an assistant receive prior written notification that services are to be provided, in whole or in part, by a speech-language pathology assistant;

(3)    May not supervise more than three speech-language pathology assistants at one time.

A speech-language pathology assistant may have more than one supervisor.

Source: SL 2012, ch 196, § 20; SL 2023, ch 141, § 15.