36-37-1    Definitions.

36-37-2    Practice of speech-language pathology defined.

36-37-3    License to practice speech-language pathology required--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-37-4    Persons holding speech-language pathologist certificate from Department of Education before July 1, 2012.

36-37-5    Activities not restricted by chapter.

36-37-6    Nonmedical endoscopy.

36-37-7    Telehealth authorized.

36-37-8    Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology.

36-37-9    Terms of board members--Vacancy--Removal.

36-37-10    Meetings of board.

36-37-11    Compensation of members.

36-37-12    Powers and duties of board.

36-37-13    Moneys collected and payments by board.

36-37-14    Speech-language pathologist--Requirements for licensure.

36-37-15    Speech language pathologists--Requirements for licensure--Form--Promulgation of rules.

36-37-16    Waiver of certain requirements for foreign applicants meeting examination requirements.

36-37-17    Speech language pathologist--Provisional licenses--Promulgation of rules.

36-37-18    Speech-language pathology assistants--Requirements for licensure.

36-37-18.1    Speech-language pathology assistants--Requirements for licensure--Out-of-state license--Association certificate.

36-37-19    Paraprofessionals holding speech-language pathologist certificate from Department of Education as of July 1, 2012.

36-37-20    Supervision of speech-language pathology assistant.

36-37-21    Disciplinary actions.

36-37-22    Reinstatement of suspended or revoked license.

36-37-23    Actions constituting misconduct.

36-37-24    Disciplinary hearing--Procedure--Appeal.

36-37-25    Injunction for violation.

36-37-26    Change of name, employment, or place of business--Information furnished to board.