36-4-1    Board of examiners--Appointment and terms of members--Vacancies.

36-4-2    Composition of board--Qualifications of members.

36-4-2.1    Lay members of board--Appointment and term of office.

36-4-3    Officers of board--Executive secretary--Seal.

36-4-4    Meetings of board.

36-4-4.1    Board continued within Department of Health--Records and reports.

36-4-5    Compensation and expenses of board members--Fees held in special fund--Bond--Payments from fund.

36-4-6    Equipment, supplies, and services for board--Expenses restricted to revenue.

36-4-7    Annual report to Governor.

36-4-8    Practice of medicine or medical abortion--Severity of crimes.

36-4-8.1    Corporation prohibited from practice of medicine or osteopathy.

36-4-8.2    Surgery constituting practice of medicine.

36-4-9    Use of title and other acts constituting practice of medicine.

36-4-10    Practitioners and officers exempt from chapter--Application to previously licensed physicians.

36-4-11    Application for license--Qualifications of licensee--Examination--Educational requirements.

36-4-11.1    Criminal background investigation of applicants for licensure and expedited licensure and licensees under disciplinary investigation.

36-4-12    36-4-12. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 297, § 7.

36-4-12.1    Application of medical or osteopathic college for approval--Inspection.

36-4-12.2    List of approved colleges.

36-4-12.3    Hearing on refusal to approve college.

36-4-12.4    Information furnished by approved colleges.

36-4-12.5    Hearing on refusal to renew approval of college.

36-4-13    Hospitals recognized for internship--Inspection by board.

36-4-14    36-4-14. Repealed by SL 1973, ch 241, § 15.

36-4-15    False or fraudulent diploma or affidavit as misdemeanor.

36-4-16    Return of fee on withdrawal of application or failure to examine.

36-4-17    Written examination required--Discrimination between systems of medicine prohibited--Minimum grade--Reexamination--Fee--Preservation of grades.

36-4-17.1    Examination of applicant with dual MD-PhD degree.

36-4-18    Grant of license to practice--Type of practice stated on license.

36-4-19    License based on certificate from national board or another state--Fee.

36-4-19.1    Contents of application for license based on certificate from national board or another jurisdiction--Consideration by board.

36-4-20    Temporary permits for supervised practice in state institution--Qualifications of applicants--Duration and renewal.

36-4-20.1    Locum tenens certificate defined.

36-4-20.2    Petition and application for locum tenens certificate--Fee--Personal appearance required.

36-4-20.3    Issuance of locum tenens certificate by single member of board--Notice to other members--Objections and cancellation.

36-4-20.4    Duration of locum tenens certificates--Privileges of certificate holder.

36-4-20.5    36-4-20.5. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 27, § 41.

36-4-20.6    Resident license defined.

36-4-20.7    Issuance of resident license--Application--Fee.

36-4-20.8    Term of resident license.

36-4-20.9    36-4-20.9 to 36-4-20.11. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 172, §§ 4 to 6.

36-4-20.12    Renewal of resident license.

36-4-20.13    Time for renewal.

36-4-21    36-4-21. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 190, § 142.

36-4-22    36-4-22. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 273.

36-4-22.1    Board access to premises where medicine practiced--Inspection of drug records and inventories--Refusal as misdemeanor--Confidentiality.

36-4-22.2    Report of facility suspending or revoking licensee's privilege to practice medicine therein--Immunity.

36-4-23    Advertising and printed material to show type of practice for which licensed--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-4-24    36-4-24. Repealed by omission from SL 1969, ch 105, § 5.

36-4-24.1    Renewal of license--Form--Fee.

36-4-24.2    Forfeiture of license for failure to renew--Renewal on application.

36-4-24.3    Practice without license, certificate, or permit and renewal prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-4-25    Immunity from liability for acts of members of professional committees or hospital officials.

36-4-26    Hospital and society liability not affected by immunity.

36-4-26.1    Proceedings of peer review committees confidential and privileged--Availability to physician subject of proceedings.

36-4-26.2    Patient records available to patient--Expert opinion as to care of patient--Restrictions on use of expert testimony.

36-4-27    Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.

36-4-28    Grounds for refusal of license, resident license, or certificate.

36-4-29    Grounds for cancellation, revocation, suspension or limitation of license, resident license, or certificate.

36-4-29.1    Summary suspension of license, resident license, or certificate--Hearing.

36-4-30    Acts considered unprofessional conduct--Criminal prosecution.

36-4-30.1    Report of unprofessional conduct and certain changes.

36-4-31    Proceedings for cancellation, revocation, or suspension of license, resident license, or certificate.

36-4-31.1    36-4-31.1 to 36-4-31.3. Omitted.

36-4-31.4    Reissuance of canceled, suspended, or revoked license, resident license, or certificate.

36-4-31.5    Evidence in cancellation, revocation, suspension, or limitation proceedings confidential.

36-4-31.6    Application of contested case procedure.

36-4-32    Suspension of license, resident license, or certificate for mental incompetence.

36-4-33    Appeal from acts, rulings or decisions of Board of Examiners.

36-4-34    Injunction to restrain practice for statutory violation, unprofessional conduct, or incompetence--Election of remedies.

36-4-35    Promulgation of rules by board.

36-4-36    Previously licensed physicians not affected.

36-4-37    Transfer of active patient records--Destruction--Notice.

36-4-38    Destruction of inactive patient records.

36-4-39    Physicians licensed in other jurisdictions permitted to provide certain services without state license.

36-4-40    Supervision and discipline of holder of permanent, unrestricted license to practice medicine or osteopathy.

36-4-41    Practice of medicine or osteopathy in South Dakota while located outside of state.

36-4-42    Peer review committee defined.

36-4-43    Peer review activities defined.

36-4-44    Interstate Medical Licensure Compact adopted.

36-4-45    Use of general funds to support Interstate Medical Licensure Compact prohibited.

36-4-46    Practice of certified professional midwife.

36-4-47    Medical abortion--Procedure.

36-4-48    Medical abortion--Definition of term.