36-4B-17. Permitted practice--Paramedics.

A paramedic may:

(1)    Respond to, assess, and triage nonurgent, urgent, and emergent requests for medical care;

(2)    Apply basic and focused advanced knowledge and skills necessary to determine patient physiologic, psychological, and psychosocial needs;

(3)    Perform interventions with the basic and advanced equipment typically found in an ambulance, including diagnostic equipment approved by an ambulance service medical director;

(4)    Administer medications approved by the board;

(5)    Provide specialized interfacility care during patient transport; and

(6)    Perform other advanced skills approved by the board.

Source: SL 1978, ch 269, § 17; SL 1987, ch 200, § 6; SL 2024, ch 153, § 14.