36-4B-42. Reporting requirements.

Any individual licensed or certified in accordance with this chapter must report any of the following occurrences to the board, within thirty days of the date of the occurrence:

(1)    Conviction or discipline for unprofessional conduct or dishonorable conduct, as defined in § 36-4-30;

(2)    Any encumbrance of the individual's National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians or other health care certification or licensure;

(3)    Hospital disciplinary action implicating the individual;

(4)    Action affecting the individual's privilege to practice;

(5)    Judgment or settlement related to the individual's alleged malpractice; and

(6)    Change in the individual's:

(a)    Home address;

(b)    Business address;

(c)    Home phone number;

(d)    Work phone number;

(e)    Email address; or

(f)    Other information that is used for communicating with the board.

Failure to report may constitute a basis for disciplinary action against the individual.

Source: SL 2024, ch 153, § 29.