36-4C-1    Definition of terms.

36-4C-2    Respiratory care defined.

36-4C-3    Respiratory care authorized.

36-4C-4    Respiratory Care Practitioner's Advisory Committee--Appointment--Terms--Duties.

36-4C-5    Use of title and abbreviation.

36-4C-6    Medical practice not authorized.

36-4C-7    Construction of chapter.

36-4C-8    Temporary permit.

36-4C-9    Written application--Requirements.

36-4C-10    Qualification for license.

36-4C-11    Fee required for license or temporary permit.

36-4C-12    Renewal of license.

36-4C-13    Prescription and publication of fees.

36-4C-14    Promulgation of rules to set standards of practice.

36-4C-15    Revocation, suspension or cancellation of license or permit--Grounds.

36-4C-16    Initiation of revocation, suspension, or cancellation proceeding.

36-4C-17    Majority of board required for revocation, suspension or cancellation proceedings.

36-4C-18    Procedures for revocation, suspension or cancellation of license.

36-4C-19    Appeal by aggrieved party.

36-4C-20    Reinstatement of license or permit.

36-4C-21    Record keeping responsibilities of secretary of board.

36-4C-22    Recommendation of prosecution and civil actions.

36-4C-23    Investigation of violations.

36-4C-24    Injunction as alternative to criminal proceedings.